The Viper Room plays host to Salba and the rest of the Powerflex 5 crew on September 20. Line up starts with Vintage Tuesday and Autumn Twilights followed by Dude Mirror! and closed out by Powerflex 5. Don’t miss out. Hit up the Viper Room at 8852 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood CA 90069 or check them out on Facebook or Twitter for more information.

Timmy Curran and Allen Sarlo Win The 5th Annual Malibu Invitational!

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A Shortboard Invitational Surf Contest To Benefit TheraSURF, Lyon Herron, & Babette Ho.
August 29th, 2011 (Malibu, CA) - The 5th Annual Malibu Invitational concluded in chest to head high surf with beautiful surfing, perfect conditions, and all around great vibes.  With close comeptition all weekend long, the last two men standing when it was all said and done were 2X defending champions Timmy Curran (Pro) and Allen Sarlo (Legend) making them both 3X Malibu Invitational Champions. Both champions wholeheartedly contributed to this weekend’s festivities and in the end Timmy Curran donated his entire winning’s to his champions Babette Ho and Lyon Herron.

1.    Timmy Curran
2.    Quinn McCrystal
3.    Nick Rozsa
4.    Mike McCabe

1.    Allen Sarlo
2.    Donnie Wilson
3.    Gene Rink
4.    John McClure

Hosted By : Freedom Artists, Val Surf, Vans, Sicky Dicky, and Duke’s Malibu.

Sponsored By : Volcom, Nixon, Rip Curl, Tori Praver Swimwear, Surfline, Tony T’s Winner’s NY Pizza, DVS, Analog, O’neill, Ola’s Mexican Grill, Peligroso Tequila, Fuel TV, Malibu Magazine, Kona Brewing Co., Matix, Native, Electric, Vestal, Skullcandy, DC, Quiksilver, VitaminWater, Ransenberg Financial & Insurance Services, Stockholm Krystal Vodka, Just Chill, Body Glove, Rusnak Porsche, and Hurley.


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Free Hat Friday is back! Today all orders at the Juice Online Store will receive a hat of choice to go along with it. Check out the new Build & Destroy series that hit shops last week while you’re at it. Also wanted to throw a shout out to all the shops that have picked up the new graphic. Make sure you hit up your local spot to find the Juice and if they don’t got it tell ‘em to!


The Washington Post has it right. HR is long overdue for a documentary. Roll out to The Fridge, not the one in your kitchen, to support the making of the movie and get a special solo performance from the man HR himself with DJ’s Eurok and Thomas Blondet. Also see the trailer from “Riot on the Dance Floor” the movie about the punk club City Gardens in New Jersey. For more information visit their facebook page.



The Short Board Revolution will feature the surfboards that changed surfing from the Gidget era “Malibu Chip” longboards to the high-flying aerial performance boards of today. Showcasing Surf Design from 1967-1984, the show held at the California Hertiage Surf Museum will run from August 18, 2011 through May 6th, 2012. Roll out to the show tonight!



Skaters: Bennett Harada, Ray Flores, Mary Prideaux, Nick Dunlop, Haden McKenna, C.W., Nicole.

Music : Hank 3 – “Tennessee Driver”.

The Gonz pool saw sessions and lines that will go down in skateboard history with the handful of unyielding local skaters who sessioned it in its final days. Tragically falling victim to a lesser cause and the real-estate dollar, this legendary backyard pool scene will forever be engrained in the skate community and will lead the crusade for brand new corners of coping to be set on fire.

Check out this afternoon session with the SMA team, killing it while the rest of the world was at work.

– Words and video editing by Alicia Gilmour – Juice Magazine



4th Annual Georgia Bowlriders Update just came in the email from the man John Karg over at Woody’s Halfpipe. Registration has begun so get over to GEORGIABOWLRIDERS.COM if you’re trying to get in on the action. Shredding will commence October 22 in Columbus, GA.



3rd Lair Skate Park of Golden Valley, Minnesota and Vitamin Water are bringing on The 10th Annual Midwest Melee All Ages Skateboard Comp. This contest gives skaters of all skill levels a chance to raise the bar and get in on one of the best skate jams of the year at the 3rd Lair indoor park. Cash is at stake in the advanced division with a 250 dollar purse and 20 session punch card for whoever takes home the cake. Trophies and prizes from Blind, Indy, Creature, Bones, Enjoi, Spitfire and more for all other divisions. Competitors skate free Thu-Sun.

35 dollar registration fee. 5 dollars off for pre-registration.

Click here to register online.

Contest goes down August 19th through 21st.

850 Florida Ave S, Golden Valley, MN. Hit up info@3rdLair.com for more details.


Skull Skates, with East Vancouver Dub Punk Rockers, The Sorcerers.
3734 West 10th @ Alma

If you care about the history of skateboarding, you’ve got respect for Skull Skates and the man who backed it and helped shape the evolution of the hardcore lifestyle. One of the last remaining skateboarding companies that refused to sell out, PD’s Hot Shop and his crew hold down the reasons why skateboarding entered into this world: community, punk rock and concrete warfare.

PD’s Skull Skates Shop on West 4th has been a place of worship for hardcore BC and Canadian skateboarders throughout the hardships and corporate poking the world of skate has had to fight. The place reminded you of the first skate shop that opened in your town, with only enough room for what you need and a counter to tell stories over. The shop is a huge part of Canada’s skate history and the arrival of their new store front has already proven to be another much-needed house of skate for Vancouver. Check out the Grand Opening party where the Sorcerer’s reunite to celebrate the coming of a new breeding ground for the next generation of sessions to go down in Vancouver.  http://www.skullskates.com.


Super heated sessions went down at Huntington Beach during the Coastal Carnage event hosted by Converse, and here’s some footage to prove it. The Carnage ramp, expertly built by the Speerco Crew, had lines drawn from clamshells to over-vert extensions, complete with shark-bite hips, which showcased generations of skaters. Skateboarding’s finest showed how style means everything, while  younger rippers threw down bigger airs and more technical transfers than ever thought possible. Like a family reunion for everyone with transition in their blood, Coastal Carnage was a perfect venue for a proper bowl jam. Here we caught the practice sessions with Top 3 finishers Tom Remillard, Pedro Barros and Curren Caples. Congrats to all the riders!

1. Tom Remillard
2. Pedro Barros
3. Curren Caples
4. Tony Hawk
5. Ben Hatchell
6. Ben Raybourn
7. Robbie Russo
8. Kevin Kowalski
9. Kalani David
10. Andrew Langi

Best Trick :
1. Tony Hawk
2. Ben Hatchell
3. Milton Martinez
4. Aaron Homoki
5. Ryan Reyes

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