-photo courtesy David McCann

Super rad.  That’s what comes to mind when I see this snapshot of Waldo Autry heading back into the pipe at Mt. Baldy.  Maybe it’s because of the rough terrain on the inside of the full pipe or the thrashed look of his grip.  Could be the blood that’s dripping from his elbow or the fact that the pipe seems to be a black abyss inviting the soldiers to claim the glory of  every line and take every slam in return.  Whatever angle you look at it this picture speaks to those who live the lifestyle.  Right on Waldo! – JESS BRAAM



Bang! A whole wheel is darting along the center divider of the 5 North just outside Bakersfield sending everything in its path up in flames. The vehicle I am riding in is pulling to the shoulder of the highway, which can only mean two things… That is our wheel and this is going to be one hell of a trip.

The plan was to head up to beautiful San Francisco, for what was supposed to be a routine business trip/awesome weekend spent attending the Thread apparel show and the first ever Cannabis Cup and the Epic Daze concert sponsored by High Times magazine & BC Northern Lights.  This trip however, was anything but routine. After our little 3 hour set back of losing our wheel and catching the highway on fire we proceeded to head to San Francisco. Twelve hours from the time we left Los Angeles we arrived at our hotel, by now the mix up with the rooms had little impact on the group. We just wanted to get to sleep and start our first day in San Francisco.

“Oh Shit!” I remember hearing Rosie say as I snaped to attention from a hazy sleep. She had overslept and needed to call the front desk to work out the situation with our rooms. After a cup or two of complimentary crap roast coffee, I felt alive enough to grab my skateboard and meet up with my friend to skate Potrero and make my rounds through the local skate shops.  While skating at Potrero I met a few characters that were also in town for the same events (surprise surprise). Graham was a stencil artist and was going to be live painting one of the BC Northern Lights boxes during the Epic Daze show. We skated through the day cracking jokes and exchanging contacts. I started heading back to the room stopping along the way to grab the bare necessity, a burrito from Taqueria Can Cun, so pumped! I got back to the room finished my burrito and hopped in the shower, now it was time to get some rest for the Thread show and the concert.

Bing! Just like clockwork my circadian rhythm strikes again to pull me from a much needed sleep at 6:15 am. “Now what the hell do I do?” I asked myself. “I don’t have to be awake for another 2 hours at least!” As in all of our minds who are pure skateboarders my immediate thought was “Go Skate” and I did. Stepping out into the city that morning was a change to say the least. I’d been spoiled by the warm Southern California rays and was now facing classic San Francisco frigid wind and fog. The silver lining was I had the park all to myself, every line mine for the taking, mine for making and mine for slamming. After I decided I had taken enough abuse for the day, I met up with the Nature’s Mistake and Railcar crew for the Thread show. Nature’s Mistake and Railcar had it right with live screen printing, live sewing, and live painting. The show was great, there were so many brands that made it out and the day was set off by the fashion show held in the middle of the exhibition center. Once my portion of the painting was finished I made my rounds and said my goodbyes. I was off to Epic Daze!

Things were looking positive for the evening, the skate from Thread was only about a mile to where Epic Daze was being held, which was ironically located only a block from where I previously lived in SF 5 years ago. The venue was tucked in off 6th street just below Market in the Soma district. From the very instant I arrived I was treated with the most friendly attitude, my contacts and the BC Northern Lights crew made sure I had everything I needed, including extra VIP and backstage passes. While navigating the labyrinth of rooms and hallways backstage I tried to imagine what the night might be like; I had no clue what I was in for. As the doors opened a steady flow of people was quickly filling up the Mezzanine, I made my way down stairs and out back to find my new friend Graham starting his painting on the BCNL box, and live glass blowing from Good Stash! The line up for the bands to play the event was great, Eagles of Death Metal, Lyrics Born, Dj Ras MG (of Sublime), Johnny Kaplin and the Lazy Stars, Ila Mawana, and Stand Down.  With every set that passed the energy in the Mezzanine grew to new heights until there wasn’t enough room to hold it in any longer. There wasn’t a bad vibe for miles, for a short time there it really seemed like the Summer of Love was back, and for those that attended Epic Daze it was back. Somehow the spirit of San Francisco combined with the mood of the concert resurrected the sights, sounds and even the scents that were 1969. Writing this I found myself day dreaming I was back among the good tunes, good people, and good times that is Epic Daze.

Many thanks to Tarren Wolfe, owner of BC Northern Lights, for presenting a fun filled event that was enjoyed by so many.  We look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future! For more photos from Epic Daze visit here.  More to be posted soon. – CARSON “GNARSON” CORNETT


JUNE 26, 2010

Go Skateboarding Day, held on JUNE 21, 2010, was absolutely insane.  Skaters took to the sand, boards in the air for a product toss off the RedBull DJ truck.  Take a good look at the background.  No Go Skateboarding Day would be complete without the H1N1 lurkin hard on all sides of the skatepark. An estimated 80,000 skateboarders mashed to the concrete in the sand known as the Venice Beach Skate Park to participate in the day’s festivities with members of the Globe and Redbull skateboarding teams.  Top skaters of all ages including Luis Lopez, Ryen Decenzo, and Mark Appleyard and Chris Haslam.  Be sure to pick up the latest issue of JUICE at your local shop and check out Haslam’s interview with Steve Olson.  Stay tuned for more JUICE event updates at – JESS BRAAM

JUNE 14, 2010
This photo of Ray Flores and Dave Chappelle holding a copy of JUICE resurfaced from the JUICE Magazine website after viewing an episode of Iconoclasts where Dave visited American cultural icon Maya Angelo.  While the Icon x Icon formula has now been brought to pop culture front through several different mediums — Iconoclasts, a television show aired on The Sundance Channel, and the Icon x Icon shoe series Nike recently released with skateboarding figureheads Eric Koston and Brian Anderson — it is not an entirely new idea.  JUICE Magazine has had this formula for 17 years pitting skateboarding, surfing, and music idols against each other in a bare knuckle, hard core, this-is-real-reality kind of conversation.  Both symbols of what they believe in, this photo is definitely one for the icon books. – JESS BRAAM
JUNE 12, 2010 :
Wounded Knee, founded by JUICE skate editor JIM MURPHY hosted the All Nations Skate Jam in Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 24-25, 2010.  Wounded Knee is an organization dedicated to influencing the lives of “our nation’s first people”; native americans.  Children of all ages came out to support, skate and have a good time.  More photos of the event at .  To help MURF get a skatepark on every reservation visit for more information on how you can get involved. – JESS BRAAM

wanna get in on the x-games action?

JUNE 11, 2010

Hey there folks!  So with the X-Games approaching we figured it was time to announce that JUICE Magazine has a special Pre-Sale code for the those avid all terrain skate fans that don’t care if it’s vert, street, or cruisin’!  PreSale begins in a week on JUNE 17, 2010.  DON’T MISS OUT, we’ve heard they’re doing big things this year. should be your next destination and just let them know JUICE sent you by using the code provided.  The JUICE crew will see you there! – JESS BRAAM

JUNE 10, 2010

Taking time out of the busy day to take note of something awesome that came across the email inbox. Forwarded to the JUICE office from our French connection Claude Queyrel, this photo of two boys in a Ugandan village captures the spirit of JUICE. We’ve seen many photos of JUICE from all over the world, but this one sings a special tune. If this image proves anything it’s that the impact of skateboarding is universal and a good read on a great lifestyle can create a lasting influence. – JESS BRAAM


June 11 – IPath Blazed and Confused East Coast Tour @ WRV, Demo at Coastal Edge, 4586-9 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA

June 11-13- Damn Am @ 3rd Lair, 850 Florida Ave South, Golden Valley, MN

June 11-13 – Download Festival 2010 @ Donington Park, U.K.

June 12 – Dropping In Skate Exhibit @ The Beaches Museum – Jacksonville, FL

June 12 – Red Bull Manny Mania Qualifier @ Providence, RI

June 12 – Rock Stock & Barrels @ Rockaway Beach, NY

June 12 – Topic East Coast Contest @ Poughkeepsie, NY

June 12 – Do What You Do @ Valley Stream, NY

June 12-13 – Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle Hawaii @ Duke Kahanamoku Beach, Ft. DeRussy Beach Park, Waikiki, HI

June 13 – Gatorade Free Flow Tour @ Magdelena Ecke Family YMCA, Encinitas, CA

June 13 – Think Ten Gallon Texas Tour @ Southside Skatepark, Houston, TX

June 13 – Red Bull Manny Mania Qualifier @ Long Island NY

June 13 – Red Bull Manny Mania Qualifier @ Rochester, NY

June 13 – IPath Blazed and Confused East Coast Tour @ Demo at Vertical Urge – 7407 6 Forks Road, Raleigh, NC

June 13 – Surf Story Art Exhibit Opening and Book Signing @ Surfing Heritage Foundation, 110 Calle Iglesia, San Clemente, CA

June 14 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Southwest Plaza, 8501 West Bowles Ave Littleton, CO

June 14 – Zumiez Couch Tour @ Southwest Plaza, 8501 West Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO

June 14 – IPath Blazed and Confused East Coast Tour @ Exodus, Demo at Skatepark of Greenville, 17 International Ct Greenville, SC

June 15 – 12th Annual Transworld Skateboarding Awards – Los Angeles, CA

June 15 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Commerce City Skatepark, 6505 East 60th Street, Commerce City, CO

June 15 – IPath Blazed and Confused East Coast Tour @ Ambush, Demo at Progressive Skatepark, 1153 Marietta Highway, Canton, GA

June 16 – Think Ten Gallon Texas Tour @ New Braunfels Skatepark, New Braunfels, TX

June 16-20 – Orange Cup – World Cup Skateboarding Bowl Series @ Prado Skatepark, Marseille, France

June 17 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Firewheel Town Center, 245 Cedar Sage Dr Garland, TX

June 17 – Zumiez Couch Tour @ Fireswheel TOwn Center, 245 Cedar Sage Dr., Garland, TX

June 17-20 – Skatopia Bowl Bash XV @ Skatopia – 34961 Hutton Rd Rutland, OH 45775.

June 18 – Benefit for Jimmy Hanson @ Arbor Collective, Venice, CA

June 18 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Southside Skatepark, 510 Iowa St, South Houston, TX

June 18 – Enjoi A Weak Long Tour @ Endless Grind, Raleigh, NC

June 18 – Enjoi A Weak Long Tour @ Vertical Urge, Raleigh, NC

June 18 – Sept 12 – Andy Warhol – The Last Decade + Dill @ Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

June 19 – Central Valley Am Jam @ Curt Pernice Skatepark, Ripon, CA

June 19 – Think Ten Gallon Texas Tour @ Mustache Skatepark, Round Rock, TX

June 19 – Red Bull Manny Mania Qualifier @ Washington, D.C.

June 19 – Zumiez Couch Tour @ Katy Mills, 5000 Katy Mills Circle, Katy, TX

June 19 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Katy Mills, 5000 Katy Mills Circle Katy, TX

June 19 – Schools Out Jam All Ages Skate Contest @ Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, FL

June 19 – Gatorade Free Flow Tour @ Warp Skatepark, Chicago, IL

June 19-20 – PacSun Summer Solstice Beach Ballyhoo @ Santa Monica Pier Lot 1 North, Santa Monica, CA

June 19 – Epic Daze @ The Mezzanine, 444 Jessie St., San Francisco, CA

June 19 – Grind for LIfe Skatepark Series @ The Edge Johnny Nocera Skatepark, Naples, FL

June 19 – Gatorade Free Flow Tour @ Talent Skatepark, Burlington, VT

June 19 – Red Bull Manny Mania @ Black Sheep Skate Shop – Charlotte, NC

June 19 – Oregon State Games @ Soap Box Derby Hill, Salem, OR, Slalom

June 19-20 – Skatefest @ Wakefield Skatepark, Fairfax, VA

June 19 – ASA Big Air Triples @ James Brown Arena, Augusta, GA

June 20 – Skatefest & Fathers Day Celebration @ Westfield Mall, 6000 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA

June 20 – The Skateshop Showcase @ 1018 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

June 20 – Emerica Wild In The Streets Montréal @ Montreal, Canada

June 20 – Emerica Wild In The Streets London @ London

June 20 – EMerica Mild in the Park @ Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, FL

June 20 – Emerica Wild In The Streets Madrid @ Madrid, Spain

June 21 – Go Skateboarding Day – worldwide

June 21 – Go Skateboarding Day – Venice, CA

June 21 – Emerica Wild In The Streets Tampa @ Tampa, Florida

June 21 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Manhattan Bridge Skatepark, Monroe St, Manhattan NY

June 21 – Enjoi A Weak Long Tour @ Pitcrew – St. Frederick, MD

June 21 – Dawn Patrol Jam @ Pier 62 Skatepark, NYC, NY

June 22 – Bebe Buell @ The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA – After Party at On the Rocks.

June 23 – Enjoi A Weak Long Tour @ Zumiez, Baltimore, MD

June 23 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ White Marsh Mall, 8200 Perry Hall Blvd Baltimore, MD

June 23 – Zumiez Couch Tour @ White Marsh Mall – 8200 Perry Hall Blvd, Baltimore, MD

June 23-27 – Copenhagen Pro @ Copenhagen, Denmark

June 24 – Stoked Summer Series by ZJ Boarding House, Stoked and Hurley @ AC Supper Club, Venice, CA

June 24 – Zumiez Couch Tour @ Montgomery Mall, 230 Montgomery Mall, North Wales, PA

June 24 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Montgomery Mall, 230 Montgomery Mall North Wales, PA

June 24 – Enjoi A Weak Long Tour @ Zumiez, North Wales, PA

June 25 – Vans Warped Tour @ Home Depot Center Carson, CA

June 25 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Woodward Skatepark, 1942 Franklin Mills Circle #100, Philadelphia, PA

June 25-26 – Dew Tour Skate Open @ TD Garden – Boston, MA

June 25-27 – Afro-Punk Festival @ Commodore Barry Park, Brooklyn, NY

June 25-26 – Skatopia Amphitheatre Grand Opening @ American Skate Festival @ Skatopia – 34961 Hutton Rd Rutland, OH 45775.

June 26 – NorCal Death Match Series @ Sixtwentyone Skate Shop – 2321 1st St, Livermore, CA

June 26 – Vans Warped Tour @ Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, CA

June 26 – Red Bull Manny Mania Qualifier @ Hoboken, NJ

June 26 – Red Bull Manny Mania Qualifier @ Hartford, CT

June 26 – Zumiez Couch Tour @ Monmouth Mall, 180 Route 35 South, Eatontown, NJ

June 26 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Westfield Garden State Plaza, 1 Garden State Plaza Paramus, NJ

June 26 – The Hollywood Summit Show @ Stirling Skatepark, Dunedin, FL

June 26 – Gatorade Free Flow Tour @ Skatelab, Simi Valley, CA

June 26 – Crofton Skatepark Fundraiser @ Bowie Skatepark, 3330 Northview Drive, Bowie, MD

June 26 – Gatorade Free Flow Tour @ Woodward Denver, Denver, CO

June 27 – The Slam @ Volcom Skatepark, 970 Arlington Dr., Costa Mesa, CA

June 27 – Vans Warped Tour @ Ventura Country Fairground At Seaside Park Ventura, CA

June 27 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Ollie’s Skatepark, 8171 Dixie Highway, Florence, KY

June 29 – Vans Warped Tour @ Cricket Pavilion Phoenix, AZ

June 29 – Hometown Heroes Skate Contest @ Westfield Fox Valley, 195 Fox Valley Center Aurora, IL

June 29 – Zumiez Couch Tour @ Westfield Fox Valley, 195 Fox Valley Center, Aurora, IL

June 30 – Vans Warped Tour @ N.M.S.U. Practice Field Las Cruces, NM