JUNE 26, 2010

Go Skateboarding Day, held on JUNE 21, 2010, was absolutely insane.  Skaters took to the sand, boards in the air for a product toss off the RedBull DJ truck.  Take a good look at the background.  No Go Skateboarding Day would be complete without the H1N1 lurkin hard on all sides of the skatepark. An estimated 80,000 skateboarders mashed to the concrete in the sand known as the Venice Beach Skate Park to participate in the day’s festivities with members of the Globe and Redbull skateboarding teams.  Top skaters of all ages including Luis Lopez, Ryen Decenzo, and Mark Appleyard and Chris Haslam.  Be sure to pick up the latest issue of JUICE at your local shop and check out Haslam’s interview with Steve Olson.  Stay tuned for more JUICE event updates at – JESS BRAAM

JUNE 14, 2010
This photo of Ray Flores and Dave Chappelle holding a copy of JUICE resurfaced from the JUICE Magazine website after viewing an episode of Iconoclasts where Dave visited American cultural icon Maya Angelo.  While the Icon x Icon formula has now been brought to pop culture front through several different mediums — Iconoclasts, a television show aired on The Sundance Channel, and the Icon x Icon shoe series Nike recently released with skateboarding figureheads Eric Koston and Brian Anderson — it is not an entirely new idea.  JUICE Magazine has had this formula for 17 years pitting skateboarding, surfing, and music idols against each other in a bare knuckle, hard core, this-is-real-reality kind of conversation.  Both symbols of what they believe in, this photo is definitely one for the icon books. – JESS BRAAM
JUNE 12, 2010 :
Wounded Knee, founded by JUICE skate editor JIM MURPHY hosted the All Nations Skate Jam in Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 24-25, 2010.  Wounded Knee is an organization dedicated to influencing the lives of “our nation’s first people”; native americans.  Children of all ages came out to support, skate and have a good time.  More photos of the event at .  To help MURF get a skatepark on every reservation visit for more information on how you can get involved. – JESS BRAAM

wanna get in on the x-games action?

JUNE 11, 2010

Hey there folks!  So with the X-Games approaching we figured it was time to announce that JUICE Magazine has a special Pre-Sale code for the those avid all terrain skate fans that don’t care if it’s vert, street, or cruisin’!  PreSale begins in a week on JUNE 17, 2010.  DON’T MISS OUT, we’ve heard they’re doing big things this year. should be your next destination and just let them know JUICE sent you by using the code provided.  The JUICE crew will see you there! – JESS BRAAM

JUNE 10, 2010

Taking time out of the busy day to take note of something awesome that came across the email inbox. Forwarded to the JUICE office from our French connection Claude Queyrel, this photo of two boys in a Ugandan village captures the spirit of JUICE. We’ve seen many photos of JUICE from all over the world, but this one sings a special tune. If this image proves anything it’s that the impact of skateboarding is universal and a good read on a great lifestyle can create a lasting influence. – JESS BRAAM


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