-photo by Ryan Allan

ALOHA FROM HAWAII!  Okay just kidding.  Although I wish Pipeline was my front door we’ll just have to count on the legends over at EZ Ryder to keep us up to speed.  After doing a quick little refresher course on their website and blog I happened to stumble upon a plethora of radness.  Take the above photo for example.  Jef Hartsel doing a Backside Smith at the Cholo Bowl at the North Shore in O’ahu.  Doesn’t get much sicker than that.  Hartsel along with Juice Magazine features editor Jay Adams hold it down for those true at heart.  Heard some talk from a few eye witnesses that Jay has a rollin that will leave you more than awestruck; borderline paralyzed.  Check this vid of some EZ Ryder fam tearing it up Hawaii style; is that a Skateboard Criminal shirt I see?  Head over to the Juice Online Store to pick up one of those tees. – JESS BRAAM


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