As a force to not just be reckoned with but to be respected and given the right away, Mike Vallely has never ceased to amaze fans with his finesse both on and off his skateboard.  Time for another round of radness for all you Mike V fans as he kicks off the Glory Bound Skatepark Tour in Mesa, Arizona on July 18th, 2010.  Joining Mike will be skateboarding legends Duane Peters and Bill “The Nomad” Danforth.  1031 riders Kristian Svitak, Ben Raybourn, and Cyril Jackson will also be skating the parks in 25 cities across the country.  Special giveaways and appearances are to be expected as well as some one on one time for a few lucky skaters at each stop.  Check the full list of tour stops below and get tickets for stop near you.  –  JESS BRAAM

July 18       Mesa, AZ                      Kids that Rip Skateboard School  All Ages / $10
July 20       Plano, TX                      Eisenbergs Skatepark  All Ages / $12
July 21       Jackson, MS                 Doc 36 Skatepark  All Ages / $10
July 24       Atlanta, GA                   Woodward Skatepark  All Ages / $12
July 25       Greenville, SC               No Name Skatepark  All Ages / $10
July 26       Newport News, VA        Anti Gravity Skatepark  All Ages / $10
July 27       Baltimore, MD               Charm City Skatepark  All Ages / $10
July 28       Philadelphia, PA            Woodward Skatepark  All Ages / $12
July 29       Rye, NH                        Rye Airfield  All Ages / $5
July 30       Pine Brook, NJ              Garden SK8  All Ages / $10
July 31       Shrewsbury, MA            Subliminal  All Ages / $10
August 1     Brookfield, CT               Vertigo Skate Park  All Ages / $15
August 2     Edison, NJ                    Edison Skatepark  All Ages / $10
August 4     Accord, NY                   Skate Time 209  All Ages / $12
August 5     Canton, OH                   Evolution Skatepark  All Ages / $10
August 6     Columbus, OH              The Flow Skatepark  All Ages / $10
August 7     Florence, KY                 Ollie’s Skatepark  All Ages / $10
August 8     Madison, WI                  4 Seasons Skatepark  All Ages / $5 ADV – $11 DOS
August 9     Milwaukee, WI               4 Seasons Skatepark  All Ages / $5 ADV – $11 DOS
August 11   Evansville, IN                Killer Skate Park & Shop  All Ages / $10
August 12   Lake in the Hills, IL         Warp Skatepark  All Ages / $10
August 13   St. Louis, MO                Ramp Riders Skatepark  All Ages / $10
August 14   Kansas City, KS            KC Skatepark  All Ages / $10
August 15   Denver, CO                   Woodward Skatepark   All Ages / $12
August 17   Las Vegas, NV              Skate City Skatepark  All Ages / $10
August 18   Simi Valley, CA             Skate Lab  All Ages / $10


2 responses to “THE DAILY JUICE : JULY 7, 2010

  1. It is Jeff and Emily Haynes and we cannot wait to hit up Ollies’s in KY for our FOURTH wedding anniversary celebration. We were married going to the Trifecta’s in Oregon in 2006 and now we hope to celebrate with the crew once again in KY. I know you weren’t there at the Trifecta but Peter’s remembers us pretty well. Hope to God we can get in touch with ya soon brother!

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