One of the highlights of today’s skate phenomenon, that has encouraged ‘rad culture’ to thrive, is its practice of visual documentation. Be it amateur or professional photography, we see pictures of skaters striking a mid-air pose amid some of the most urban of landscapes or even in their own backyards. Skaters follow their urge to redefine the space around them – whether down a stair’s handrail, trickling off a sidewalk, or weaving through a mass of people.

With the endless number of places around your neighborhood, cities, or even beyond, the Torrance Art Museum invites you to enter a photo of yourself in these spaces. Your entries will be part of TAM’s upcoming exhibition The Rise of Rad: The Influence of Skate Culture on Contemporary Art which is scheduled to open on Saturday July 24, 2010, 6-9pm. These photos, which will be excitingly included in the exhibition itself, shall illustrate the body in relationship to movement, space and architecture (whatever that may mean to you). We want to visually see how you or your peers “disrupt” or “alter” the space around you and of course we do not limit participation to skaters.

We ask that you mail or deliver a 5 x 7 inch photograph (or smaller) to TAM at 3320 Civic Center Dr. Torrance, CA 90503 care of me (Gretchen Reyes) or fax it to us at 310 781 7106. Emailed submissions will not be accepted. Though these entries will be included in the exhibition, owners or subjects of these photos will not be listed individually. Also, please keep in mind that we maintain the right to refuse acceptance of any image that may not complement the project. TAM would appreciate as many images as possible before the exhibition’s opening on July 24th, however, photos received after that date will be continually posted up in the museum throughout the duration of the exhibition until one week before the end of the show on September 4th. NO SUBMISSIONS WILL BE RETURNED, so do not send us any pictures you want to keep.

Spread the word to your friends!

If you have any questions contact Gretchen Reyes at (310) 618-3842 or email

Come and check out a preview for The Rise of Rad exhibition at our website


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