So much to do so little time.  LA life can get pretty hectic when it comes to surf and skate culture happenings.  It was a busy day to say the least.  Starting with the “Transition” show hosted by Bat Skates & Los Desperados in Costa Mesa and stretching all the way to Hollywood for Torey Pudwill x DVS x Diamond Supply Co. Shoe Release there are events all over.

Take the Greg Miller Art showcase at the William Turner Gallery for example.  It’s a collection of LA beach-and-body inspired mixed art pieces.  As the gallery says of him, “Greg Miler’s work is sexy, thought provoking, Angeleno inspired art, where unspoken heroes, and the lure of women casually mingle together.”  Sounds pretty intriguing.  On to the next one!

Moving away from the beach towards East LA we hit Jim Houser’s art show.  It’s been blogged about a couple times on the Daily Juice because as expected it was phenomenal.  Subliminal Projects put on a great show, but that’s easy to do with such genius that is possessed in the mind of Houser.  What’s more fascinating than kickin’ it with one of  Phillie’s artist elites?  Well not much, but flip the skate culture coin and there’s a whole new crowd of people that were in the mood for expressing themselves in their own way.

Step back from the gallery side of Los Angeles nightlife and enter the Fairfax domain.  On a different side of the skate scene from Houser’s street concepts Torey presented his own.  Celebrating with friends and family the release of his new pro model shoe Torey got together with fans and fellow skaters to put on a party full of fun times.  Our friends at Diamond Supply Co. we’re excellent hosts at their store location.  It was a night of all things rad to say the least.  Stay tuned for pictures from all the events, but in the mean time check out these.


One response to “THE DAILY JUICE : JULY 12, 2010

  1. Juice Magazine best represents the culture and lifestyle to which we as so called “Punk” Rockers in our youth in schools has believed since being on either a skateboard and surfboard. These 2 sports alone have shaped the life and soul of what we are defined as no matter how old we get. Juice always makes it a point to teach those who do these activities we love so much the innovators and those who made it what is it true to it’s roots of it’s past. Thanks to you guys for helping those that don’t know there past why it exist.

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