West coasters get stoked.  The Melvins are coming!  With the release of their latest album The Bride Screamed Murder the band has announced the dates for a four-week west coast tour.  The Melvins, finally breaking into the Billboard Top 200 with this album, have had a very interesting road to get them to this point.  Only one of the founding members still plays in the band he and his former high school friends named after a grocery clerk co-worker they all hated.  Rad way to start and good way to end up! Check out all of the changes they’ve made to the band and listen to the evolution of their music.  Check the listings below and see when they’ll be in your area.  Snag some tickets before they sell out! — JESS BRAAM


28        Minneapolis, MN                    Grumpy’s


15        Los Angeles, CA                    The Troubadour
16        Santa Barbara, CA                  Velvet Jones
17        San Luis Obispo, CA              Downtown Brew
18        San Jose, CA                           Blank Club
19        San Francisco, CA                  Slim’s
21        Reno, NV                                The Underground
22        Orangevale, CA                      The Boardwalk
24        Portland, OR                           Roseland
25        Seattle, WA                            Crocodile Café
27        Tacoma, WA                           Hell’s Kitchen
28        Bellingham, WA                     Wild Buffalo
29        Olympia, WA                          Capital Theatre
30        Spokane, WA                          Knitting Factory


2          Boise, ID                                 Neurolux
4          Salt Lake City, UT                The Complex
6          Ft. Collins, CO                       Aggie Theatre
7          Aspen, CO                               The Belly Up Aspen
9          Santa Fe, NM                         Santa Fe Brewing Co.
11        San Diego, CA                        Casbah
12        Costa Mesa, CA                      Detroit Bar


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