Nicky Guerrero stoked to see the first wall going up at Fælledparken Skatepark in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since 1988, Fælledparken—a large public park in Denmark’s capital has had a skatepark. Originally it featured a vert ramp, an asphalt-surfaced miniramp and a few wooden obstacles. Over the years, Fælledparken has been the stage for many, many happenings. Notoriously, for 10 years it was here the infamous “Prygl i Parken” contests were held between 1989 and 1999. From an informal gathering of app. 50 locals and fans, with a case of Guld Tuborg beers being the first prize, Prygl i Parken became a cultural phenomenon—drawing thousands of skaters and fans from all over Europe.

In recent years, Fælledparken became the unwanted step-child of the City of Copenhagen. An unmanned, public facility, it became the victim of budget cuts, and the ramps and obstacles fell into disrepair. A more litigious society would surely have seen the City being sued for the frankly dangerous conditions there.

One highlight was when Copenhagen’s Rune Glifberg celebrated his 20th anniversary as a skateboarder in 2006. A who’s who of skaters and friends enjoyed the free beers, the bands playing and great weather.

As a part of Fælledparken’s 100th anniversary, the skatepark finally felt the love in 2008. The City of Copenhagen agreed to renovate Denmark’s oldest skatepark. Originally the budget was inadequate, but thanks to a donation from a captain of industry this was quickly remedied, and now the results are beginning to show; since April this year landscaping, sculpting, draining and a mind-blowing amount of rebar has been done, and on Friday, July 16th the build reached a major milestone with the first wall of the monstrous pool being poured.

According to plan, the park should be done in the autumn of 2010. – STEEN KELSA


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