Click the photos to see more photos of each event.

– JULY 10, 2010 –

The Jim Houser Art show presented by the Subliminal Projects gallery in Los Angeles was a great show.  This guy liked it so much he snapped a shot with his cell.  Maybe for a tweet?

– JULY 10, 2010 –

Bat Skates and Los Desperados got together to put on the Transition art show July 10, 2010 at the Hurley headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA.  Awesome art and great vibes.  If you missed out on picking up some of the amazing art, get over to the Bat Skates site.

– JULY 10, 2010 –

That’s Eric “Tuma” Britton signing an autograph for a fan at the Venice Skatepark.  The skatepark is only a little under a year old but it has already become a favorite place for pros, groms, legends and everyone in between to meet up for a killer session. Photo by Dan Levy.

– JULY 10, 2010 –

JULY 10, 2010 was definitely a busy day.  Round it out with Torey Pudwill’s DVS shoe release party at the Diamond Supply Co. store on Fairfax in Hollywood.  Good people.  Good times. Sick kicks.

– JULY 25, 2010 –

Riley Stevens was ripping at the Sunken City Skateshop x Transitions Skateshop Summer Shred Fest at the Channel Street Skatepark in San Pedro, CA.  All that concrete is DIY and a damn good time.

– JULY 29, 2010 –

So that’s what a gold medal smile looks like.  Jake Brown celebrated his X Games 16 Mega Ramp victory at Lucky Strike bowling alley with our friends from Venice Originals.  If you can’t tell by the look on their faces, it was a riot.

- JULY 31, 2010 -

Girl Skateboards got together with Product (Red) and put on an awesome art show.  Featured at the show was a new board graphic from Mike Carroll and some rad (Red) artwork.  Props to a great cause.

- JULY 31, 2010 -

The Embassy Skateboards team came out for a visit to the Venice Park and threw down a serious session.

- AUGUST 4, 2010 -

Photos from the Agenda Tradeshow are up.  Get a sneak peak to the newest trends and freshest faces.  Big ups to the Berrics on a job well done.

- AUGUST 5, 2010

Mike Carroll showed up at Agenda looking as dapper as always.

- AUGUST 4, 2010 -

Style and Air on the opening day of the Maloof Money Cup.  Excellent height on this Lein!

- AUGUST 5, 2010 -

Took a quick break from the Maloof Money Cup and caught Andrew Langi doing a switch frontside blut in the deep.  Catch the whole sequence on the Juice Magazine website.

- AUGUST 6, 2010 -

Nyjah Huston threw down at the Maloof Money Cup.  More photos of Nyjah handling some major buisness at the contest are on the events pages.

– AUGUST 7, 2010 –

Sandro Dias had all cameras pointed to the sky and then landed a 900 on the Mini Mega on the second to last day of competition.  This is only the second 900 landed in a Maloof Money Cup competition.

- AUGUST 8, 2010 -

Great prizes.  Better skating.  And apparently great conversation.  Sean Malto sits back and takes a lesson from some of the greats at the Maloof Money Cup in Costa Mesa.

- AUGUST 6-8, 2010 -

Rune Glifberg and Robby Russo at the Coastal Carnage contest in Huntington Beach.  Some super sick tranny was built and thrashed for three days straight, truly living up to the name carnage.

- AUGUST 13-15 2010 -

Juice Magazine Surf Editor Jeff Ho showcased his new Zephyr completes at the Action Sports Retailer (ASR) show in San Diego.  Classic wood with an original taco rocker designed by one of the godfathers of surf/sk8 style.


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