Skateistan, an organization dedicated to influencing the lives of the youth of Afghanistan through skateboarding, is having an online auction to raise money for its community programs.  Taking its roots in 2007 when Oliver Percovich and Sharna Nolan visited Kabul and found children enraptured by their skateboards and ability; the two knew it was time for skate culture to take hold of Afghanistan.  After beginning a small skate school the great accomplishment of building an indoor skatepark where kids can learn to ride in a free and easy environment came to fruition.  Many know that in Afghanistan women are held to a different standard than men, often not being allowed to ride bikes or participate in any sport or physical activity outside of the household.  Skateistan breaks that mold teaching boys and girls ages 6-17 the art or skateboarding.

Plans to build an outdoor park are in motion, but this is where they need your help.  To raise money for the project and other programs for the school Skateistan is auctioning off 70 custom skateboards designed by over 50 artists worldwide.  All proceeds go directly to Skateistan and will influences the lives of 300+ children that are enrolled in the program.  The auction ends at midnight tonight so jump on there right away! For more information on how to get involved check out their website or click one of the links below. – JESS BRAAM


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