Stability Skate Park in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is hosting the 2nd Annual Al Carter Memorial Skate Jam & Contest.  They will be having blind auctions from local artists and merch will be for sale in the shop.  Food and Drink.  Street Contest.  Ramp Contest.  Best Trick Contest in Street, Bowl & Ramp.  A shit load of fun for an amazing cause.  – JESS BRAAM



  1. Just want to thank you all again for the help on this event! You guys rock! I will do the photography Terri if you wanna do another shoot like the one i did at the randy Lowe/Blaize Blouin Memorial Jam in Charleston! Then you can Put em in Mag or On this site or the events site… But just really want to share the love with you all! I feel like family! Everything was just perfect! Thanks Terri, Jess, and vanessa; and all of Juice Mag For the support they have given us on this! Couldn’t have done it with out them! ❤ U Guys! Even Murph and Dan! lol. Peace, Stability Skateboard Co./Drew Ridout

  2. I’m getting stoopid now! But i also wanted to mention that the money we raise at this event goes to autism research through the Surfers Healing Foundation and john Pike from Eastern Skateboard Supply. And Al’s widow Jen and her family will get the rest. So we really feel honored to be doing this for such a great cause!!!! Peace to all our brothers and sisters who have left us way too soon! You are in our hearts and heads every day and night. We are still with you in our memories and we know you come to us in our dreams! Ride in Peace…Drew/Stability Skateboard Co.

  3. We at Stability Skateboard co. thank you guys all at Juice for helping us with this story and raising awareness on Autism! The event was a great success and we will now be hosting the Al Carter Memorial Autism Awareness Jam each and every year! Good things happen when good people get together and put their energy in the same direction! Im very thankful to all that helped out with this event!!!!

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