For Immediate Release: ENCINITAS, CA – (November 9, 2010) –

This fall, Bing & Jacobs Surfboards will move its operation to Encinitas, San Diego and into the factory currently occupied by Precision Fiberglassing (better known as Channin Surfboards).

This location known as “The Hill” was made famous for its surfboard manufacturing, producing brands such as Channin, Velzy, Surfboards Hawaii, Yater, Tudor Surfboards, and more.

Bing & Jacobs Surfboards, head shaper and owner, Matt Calvani explains, “I’ve always really liked North County San Diego, not only for its quality waves but also for its close-knit community of dedicated surfers. It’s definitely an area I can see raising my family in too, so when Tony [Channin] called and said he was looking to retire – it was a chance of a lifetime.”

Tony Channin reflects, “For the past 30 years, Channin Surfboards’ dedication to quality and craftsmanship has made “The Hill” world renown. It is only fitting then that the torch be passed to Matt Calvani, whose mutual appreciation for the craft of surfboard building will perpetuate that reputation. I can’t even begin to express how stoked I am to know that our Channin and Siren Surfboard and SUP lines will be built to the same standards of excellence that I have made the cornerstone of my career; and that Matt has brought to Bing & Jacobs Surfboards. This will be an exciting time of growth for ‘The Hill’ and the North County surfing community.”

Bing & Jacobs will re-locate its current operation along with a partial crew from Los Angeles later this year. Calvani looks to integrate them with the existing crew at Precision Fiberglassing, some of the best craftsmen in the industry.

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