Jesse Martinez is one of the founding fathers of the Venice Skateboard Association. The VSA represented the need and value of a skatepark on the site of the Venice Pavilion when it was marked for demolition. After fifteen years of lobbying, the dream finally became reality a little over a year ago and the Venice Skatepark has been one of the most successful parks ever built. It has had a huge impact on the city’s youth and business communities alike.

Jesse Martinez has dedicated his life the past year to maintenance and security of the park since its opening. Just before the first anniversary of the skatepark’s opening Jesse was jumped and severely beaten while in service at the park resulting in swelling of the brain and a stack of hospital bills.

A benefit at the Good Hurt Night Club in West Los Angeles will take place on December 17th to assist Jesse. This important benefit is an opportunity for the community to give back to someone who has given so much to us freely. Everyone’s donations and attendance at this event will be a chance to help make a difference.

Astrodeck has a Christmas SALE going on for until the 17th.  Get to their online store while you can and score the best traction on the market.  Pick up a pair of sandals so your feet are happy for this holiday season while you’re at it.

(Steve+Alex)Olson = Prolific, Genius or Insane?  You decide, either way if you’re not there, you’ll wish you were. The latest installation to the Known Gallery in Los Angeles is a father-son match up that’s going down in the history books.  BOOM BOOM will not disappoint.  Head over to Alex’s Blog for a little taste of his style and then check out the coverage of Steve’s last show, Menage a Trois, with Stecyk and Melanie Berry.  Mix those two and who knows.  See you there.

Alva Skates is having a sale too! Damn, what a good time to buy online.  Alva is always raw. Giving you classic shapes mixed with iconic graphics along with a solid ride has always been an Alva specialty.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your own. Get them signed, stamped and shipped to your house before the holiday if you order before the 16th.

Yup Globe’s got cruisers out.  Grab one and go for a chill bomb down the nearest hill or just push around.  Super smooth and extra grippy, they make a great X-mas gift!  Use the code on the flyer for a 25% discount.


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