Above: Slater Pipeline Perfect. Photo: Cestari

Reigning 10-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA), 38, posted the only perfect 10 of the Billabong Pipe Masters in round four. Entering the event in round three, Slater started off strong with his defeat of Pipeline local John-John Florence. This guy rips, obviously.  Check out for more results, flicks, and videos.


:::::: COME OUT TO SKATE ::::::
…is the name of this ‘promo’ video. WARRIOR SKATEBOARDS calls it a promo cause it’s what’s left after deleting all the horribly shaky stuff and understanding that some of the best footage simply got lost. Since the WARRIORS are really motivated in filming for a real, shiny and glossy hyper video they thought that they had to get rid of all this dust and get it on the net now. Unfortunately it was a bit more footage then expected and, after all, they recently added some new team members who brought along some footage too. Ahhh… Well, another plan which just didn’t work out… At least they had a damn good premiere and you’ve got something to watch now, don’t you?…


WEEDEATER Cough Up Mammoth New Album Details

After over two incredibly action/drama/injury/tour-soaked years of constant insanity, North Carolina sludge crusaders WEEDEATER have completed their long-delayed, yet more anticipated-than-ever, fourth full-length release. The intoxicating ten-track brutalizer, dubbed Jason… The Dragon, has been scheduled for worldwide release on March 1st, 2011 via Southern Lord Recordings.

After over a year of literally crippling injuries to all three of WEEDEATER’s members hitting the headlines, including infamous classics like “Dixie Dave blew off part of his foot with a shotgun,” or “Keko tore his meniscus this week,” and “Shep broke his goddamn pinkie on tour” or even “Dixie nearly died in his ninja-scuba assassin Halloween costume” and more, the band still forged on through these blows for multiple tours — several regional and national headlining tours, as well as supporting Down and The Melvins — to finally complete this record. Although delayed by eight months, the haggard trio infiltrated Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago this past September to pound out Jason… The Dragon.

As with their Southern Lord debut God Luck And Good Speed, the Jason… album was mastered by the legendary John Golden at Golden Studios in southern California, unearthing the true grit that this band dumps forth. With no argument to be had, Jason… is by far WEEDEATER’s most varied and organic recording to date, taking their caustic, chest-collapsing, resin-coated ultrasludge to new otherworldly new realms of delirium just by taking it all closer to home, stripping their tonal onslaught down to acoustic bass at times, perfectly infusing a bit of banjo and piano, and even utilizing some new vocal tactics. Diehards fear not; this IS still WEEDEATER. It’s just WEEDEATER at their finest hour… yet.

Check out the Arik Roper-created cover art for Jason… The Dragon, live WEEDEATER footage and more here.

Jason… The Dragon Track Listing:

1. The Great Unfurling
2. Hammerhandle
3. Mancoon
4. Turkey Warlock
5. Jason….the Dragon
6. Palms and Opium
7. Long Gone
8. March of the Bipolar Bear
9. Homecoming
10. Whiskey Creek

WEEDEATER promises to kick off 2011 hard with this release, having already booked a headlining US tour for February and March, with a European tour in the planning stages to take place shortly thereafter on their way to smoke the hordes at Roadburn, and with countless more tour rampages to be announced throughout the whole upcoming year in support of the album. One can only envision the horrendous aftermath to be announced from the WEEDEATER camp throughout 2011… Stay tuned for more updates as it all hits the fan.


pssss…. The December winner of Broadcast Yo Self is Nyle Lovett and his video is now up on our stinkin site for you to enjoy! Go to:

This is the concluding episode of Broadcast Yo Self for 2010. Each month in 2010 we sifted through our submissions and featured a new video created by you. Since you’ve seen enough mainstream skate cinema already, sit back and enjoy some raw skating by civilian Nyle Lovett. In other news, we are busy working on some new video projects that will be released in early 2011, so check back in a few weeks for fresh footage of the blissful Broadcast brethren.


TriStar & FilmDistrict
Opens Nationwide April 15, 2011

The story of the journey which life has given Bethany Hamilton is well known by many.  At the age of 13 she suffered through the loss of her arm during a day surfing at Kauai’s North Shore.  Since that day in 2003, Bethany has progressed far beyond what any doctors predictions could image.  Not only is she still surfing, but as of 2007 Bethany turned a pro. Continuing to surf following a life altering experience in the water is both a mental and physical accomplishment greater than most can imagine.

Now see her life and story on the big screen.  Soul Surfer, a film directed by Sean McNamara, will roll out nationwide April 15, 2011. It’s a little ways away, but our guess is it will be worth it.  See Bethany’s story portrayed by a star cast including the likes of Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid.


BUZZOV•EN West Coast Tour Underway This Week

North Carolina sludge merchants BUZZOV•EN are currently filthifying the West Coast US this week. After just laying waste to San Diego and Los Angeles, tonight they infiltrate San Francisco as they head north through the rest of the week, unloading a plethora of scathing numbers from their vast arsenal of releases. View the tour poster and live footage of the band here.

Remaining Dates Of BUZZOV•EN’s West Coast Tour:

12/15/2010 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA

12/16/2010 Dante’s – Portland, OR
12/17/2010 Funhouse – Seattle, WA

12/19/2010 3 Kings Tavern – Denver, CO

As with the successful October tour dates, the band’s reunited 1998 At A Loss LP lineup of Kirk Fisher on guitar and vocals, “Dixie” Dave Collins (Weedeater) on bass and vocals, and Ramzi Ateyeh (Sourvein) on drums, now also includes Sleepy Floyd (also of Sourvein) on second guitar.

Following their inception in 1990, BUZZOV•EN quickly created an incredible impact on music in general with their harsh, raging style of sludge metal, cementing them as both a purveying act of the genre, as well as a longtime great. After imploding and disbanding in 1999, the group revamped things and reformed in 2010, bringing their chaotic and caustic live rage back to the stage. Following the December tour, BUZZOV•EN will appear at 2011’s annual Roadburn Festival in Tillburg, Netherlands in April, as well as this year’s installment of the Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore in May.
Stay tuned for further transmissions regarding more live actions for these henchmen through the new year.



  1. Aloha, Juice rocks. As a lifetime skateboarder (since 1974, @ age 11) an aspiring journalist and former member of the Georgia Press Association, I am interested in writing for Juice Magazine in whatever capacity I may serve. Please feel free to contact me @ above email. “Forget about the mainline and the fastlane…the edge of the glide, is all that is of value..” C.R. Stecyk 1977 Thank you Sincerely, Calvin 100% Skateboarder For Life

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