January 22-February 19, 2011

Opening Reception:
8 – 11 p.m.
Saturday, January 22, 2011
Valet Parking Provided

Subliminal Projects and The Art of Elysium’s Elysium Project are pleased to present a two-person show featuring work by artist, pop culture icon, and DEVO frontman Mark Mothersbaugh and artist Shepard Fairey.    This exhibition focuses on their work as artists and philanthropists.

As artists, Mark and Shepard create work that demand the viewer’s attention, drawing them into a world where scale is pushed to the forefront.    From several feet back, Shepard’s work tells one story while, up close, the intricate patterning tells another. The symbols in a Shepard print provide a contextual framework and the elaborate detailing reflects a careful attention to craft. Mark’s creative process begins on a small scale. His postcard-size illustrations and paintings often serve as the initial step in his creative process, from which he then pulls imagery for his larger work.    These highly personal postcards are created on an intimate scale and, once enlarged into large-format works, the viewer is invited to step into Mark’s whimsical world. In both cases, it is the carefully thought out details that make The Big Picture.

These two artists are keenly aware of The Big Picture when committing to a charitable cause.    Their influential roles as tastemakers and cultural icons serve as a bright spotlight on the charity they choose to support. Thanks to their dedication to The Art of Elysium, both artists help bring attention to the charity’s mission, thus enriching the lives of gravely ill children in the Los Angeles serviced by the charity.    Shepard Fairey, the 2010 Art of Elysium Visionary, and Mark Mothersbaugh, the 2011 Art of Elysium Visionary, are celebrated in this exhibition for their art and their charitable spirits.

“I am so thrilled that Shepard has opened his gallery for this extremely special collaboration. This is the first collaboration between two of our VISIONARIES. It is our hope that the people that have been asked to join our VISIONARY CIRCLE share in creative collaborations not only to benefit The Art of Elysium and all of its various programs but that their joint endeavors inspire change in the world at large. That is the BIG PICTURE that we are hoping for.” –Jennifer Howell, founder of The Art of Elysium

The Art of Elysium is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1997 to support artists and provide relief for medically disabled and hospitalized children.    This dual mission has grown into a full-circle program with the charity providing a professional platform for artists and, in exchange, artists volunteer their time and talent to children with serious illnesses. We provide artistic workshops in the following disciplines: acting, art, comedy, fashion, music, radio, songwriting and creative writing. We believe there is a powerful and mutual exchange of hope and appreciation that occurs when artists share their time and talent with children battling serious medical conditions. Today, the charity has offices in Los Angeles and New York and holds workshops for over 40,000 children a year.

Elysium Project is The Art of Elysium’s platform where contemporary art intersects with philanthropy.    We are committed to supporting emerging, mid-career and established artists through discerning art exhibitions, public art initiatives and special events. Elysium Project simultaneously raises funds and creates the infrastructure to ensure that medically disabled children have access to quality educational and therapeutic arts experiences.

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Live Webcast
Live on TV in Hawaii on Oceanic 250 & 1250HONOLULU (January 12, 2011) — As Hawaii’s winter waves hit their annual peak, the world famous Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore returns to professional surfing’s center stage January 24 through February 5 with the $120,000 Volcom Pipe Pro. The event will be webcast live at and broadcast live on television around Hawaii on Oceanic Time Warner Cable channels 250 and 1250HD.


Rightfully the most feared surf spot on the planet, Pipeline pitches world class surfers against lethal, barreling waves, and their own anxieties. True to form, Pipe has been booming over the past two weeks and the long range forecast looks solid for the 112 competitors from 15 nations who will line up for the Volcom Pipe Pro.

“Every surfer knows that at some point in his career he’s going to have to face his fears at Pipeline,” said ASP Hawaii Managing Director Marty Thomas, himself a former Top 10 professional surfer. “Pipe is the one place that registers in your career as either your golden moment or your worst nightmare, but either way, it’s unforgettable.”

“The Volcom Pipe Pro is an opportunity for surfers of every caliber to put it all on the line, whether they be one of the established touring pro’s, an up-and-coming challenger who wins a wildcard, or one of Pipeline’s very own local chargers who lives to ride nothing but Pipe. In that way, this is one of the most meaningful events that professional surfing offers – both to its surfers, and to its audience.”

Just one week remains for surfers vying for Volcom’s “Wildcard Challenge”, with one lucky (or crazy) prospect to receive the highest seeded wildcard slot into the world class field of 64 surfers. All the surfer has to do is prove that he/she deserves it! To be considered, surfers must submit a video of themselves surfing at Pipeline between 9/1/10 and 1/18/11. A select voting panel of Pipeline specialists will determine the winner. Visit to find out more.

Defending Volcom Pipe Pro champion Jamie O’Brien (Hawaii) heads the field that also includes Volcom team wildcard Bruce Irons (Hawaii); international talents Damien Hobgood (Florida), Anthony Walsh (Australia), Dusty Payne (Hawaii), Teppei Tajima (Japan) and Joan Duru (France); and Hawaii’s Fred Pattachia, Sunny Garcia, John Florence, Ian Walsh and 2010 ASP Hawaii champion Billy Kemper. Fifteen nations will be represented including surfers from as far afield as Morocco, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Australia, Japan, and Chile.

An Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 5-star international event, the Volcom Pipe Pro will be held on the three biggest and best days of surf between January 24 and February 5, 2011.



Art’N’Soul:Pixel Dust is a night that represents the raddest artists, musicians,skateboarders and dee jays doing their thing under one roof for one night in the newest month of 2011.

Tornado Rider plays two sets of high quality and super original music that can’t really be described or absorbed until you see the live show! The bandleader dresses like a elf, sings about mighty falcons and plays electric cello. So there you go!

Leading San Jose underground artist, Anabella Pinon will be representing her work and say’s this about herself,
“I believe that the truest form of Art occurs in the immediacy of the moment, as it is being created. It has been my experience as an artist that art comes from within, subconsciously, intuitively and mysteriously. I enjoy all mediums, have no lasting preference for any particular medium, style, or subject matter. I enjoy getting my hands into every medium and using it as a platform to explore the endless possibilities of my creative vision. That vision is visible in my art to the viewer that can enter my work with curiosity and a willingness to engage. I particularly like working with abstract forms, experimenting with color, textures, 2- and 3-dimensional formats, and making art in response to popular culture.” Paolo Bello, June Sanchez and James Vidal will also be showing their work.

NOGS DOGS are the skateboard crew who put on the demo’s on a special ramp brought in for the night. The shred-sledders are backed by high quality  Emerica skateboard shoes and clothing so expect some giveaways! The local rip-riders include: Andrew Mojica, Daniel Boyer, Josh Blaloug, Kris Rampe and Blake Svenstrom.

Dee Jays RS2 and COCO (Calm’N’Punk) have spun many events from clubs,skateboard contests,art shows,radio shows,award shows,movie premieres and backyard parties. Being skateboarders,musicians and artists themselves keeps their itchy fingers on the pulse of super rad variety of sounds they choose to rock.

Pabst Blue Ribbon beer will also have a trucker hat painting contest with prizes given to the most creative/good-looking hats judged by the crowd.

Art’N’Soul:Pixel Dust will happen @ the VooDoo Lounge in San Jose on Wednesday January 26th  $5.00 @ the door 21 and over 9pm





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