Barb Wire Dolls play a residency every Thursday in March at The Roxy’s VIP Lounge Club ON THE ROX.  The all-ages shows are sponsored by Juice Magazine, Lightning Bolt Surfboards, & Venice Originals Skateboard Shop.  Barb Wire Dolls hit the stage at 9:30 plus a very special guest band after. Only $5 Cover.

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It’s a cool evening in Los Angeles and another unsigned band has arrived to the Sunset Strip of Hollywood in search of fulfilling their Rock and Roll dream. This time the newly arrived band has come all the way from Greece, a first for any band from the Birthplace of Civilization. These Greeks have a major advantage by coming here: they are getting non-stop radio airplay on the biggest alternative rock station in the country, the World Famous KROQ of Los Angeles.

This band is really good!” – Rodney Bingenheimer aka Rodney on the Roq via KROQ airwaves

Rodney Bingenheimer “The Prince of Punk”, is the legendary DJ who’s credited in the US for first playing and breaking The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash, Blondie, X, Social Distortion, Nirvana, The Offspring, and No Doubt (to mention but a few), discovered the Greek band by word of mouth a few weeks prior to their arrival and was the first to start spinning their demo on his iconoclastic “Rodney On The Roq” radio show, saying that their song “California” is a “hit”.

“Barb Wire Dolls are kinda like a girl-fronted Green Day. They could become huge.” – Michael McDermott/drummer for Bouncing Souls

Barb Wire Dolls, a girl-fronted “Street-Rock” band from Greece that started at The Ikarus Artist Commune on the island of Crete, is now causing a riot having re-located to the bright city lights of LA. With raw power and pure source, primal force they are shaking and waking up US audiences with their electrifying live show while their self-released debut EP “Punk The Fussies!” gets added to new radio outlets like wildfire. Barb Wire Dolls have a big buzz about them and have been compared to a mix of Blondie and The Sex Pistols, while promoters herald them as “The Next Big Thing”. The time is ripe for a major change in the music world and this band has got all the goods to do it.

Fronted by the punk rock barbie doll Queen Isis, the young, wild, and ultra-sexy goddess and singer of Barb Wire Dolls, along with legendary ex-pro surfer/skater Tas Doll (guitar), ex-Fuzztones bassist Voodoo Doll, and animalistic drummer Greg Doll have together started a new revolution to uproot the boring state of the present Rap/Hip-Hop/wimpy Indie-Pop domination and to re-energize the stage and airwaves with memorable, balls-to-the-wall “real” Rock and Roll. Barb Wire Dolls made history by being the first rock band from Greece to play America when they sold out the legendary Roxy Theatre, causing a musical riot on the Sunset Strip bringing back the glory days of LA’s legacy.

“The street generation revolution is on full force and its all about being young and wild in the streets again. It’s time to rock, riot, and rip it up. Fuck the pussies, here’s Barb Wire Dolls!” – Queen Isis/Barb Wire Dolls

Barb Wire Doll’s must-have 6 song EP “Punk The Fussies!” could be the best thing since Blondie, No Doubt, and Hole brought their female-fronted rock prowess to the masses, and it is a return to the roots of Punk and DIY, having been recorded live in the studio in one take for under five hundred dollars. Acting solely as a demo, their EP is available world-wide on iTunes. Barb Wire Dolls have hit L.A. hard with their radical style and simplicity, all part of the “Street-Rock” movement, bringing the average man’s struggle on the street straight to the world’s airwaves. Inspired by the early Punk and New Wave scenes, they draw their main influences from bands they say changed their world: The Sex Pistols, Blondie, The Ramones, The Clash, Patti Smith, The Slits, Black Flag, and New York Dolls.

“This is just what the world needs now, a good girl-fronted punk band!” – Charlotte Cooper/bassist for The Subways

With offers pouring in and because the Music Industry has been dying (literally) for a big makeover and for something fresh, new, and vital; this passionate Greek bands’ merciless new wave of Punk music attack straight from the street could be its much needed answer. With anthemic memorable songs, inspiring lyrics, and an energetic and spontaneous Rock Star frontwoman, Barb Wire Dolls and their growing legions of fans (who call themselves the “Street Generation”) are on the move to change the world: rocking, rioting, and ripping it up one town and one show at a time. The revolution has begun, so what the hell are you gonna do?


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