ATTENTION: Acid Queens, Headbangers, Psychedelic Jam-lickers, Featherheads and Flippers, Sleezos, and Raunchy Teenage Paint Huffing Leather Jacket Wearing Idiots…

March 12th, 2011

Eliminator Presents: The California Sound – a night of pure ear fucking madness devoid of all the incapable to rock and roll soulless suits that occupy the pigeon-cage of Los Angeles

POWER AXE – heavy bass drum duo buzz band: http://buzzbands.la/2011/02/17/ears-wide-open-poweraxe/
STAB CITY – “Pummeling blues-rock filth.” – LA Weekly
THE SHRINE – “Hendrix-Sabbath love child” – LA Weekly
FIDLAR – drunk garagey dudes with a filthy house who like “to party and play music but mostly party” “punk Rock”
THE BAD APPLE BLUES BAND – “We’re the ones your momma warned you about…”

The night will be recorded live for an ultra-limited edition cassette tape.

DJ Jeff Edwards Triple Six will be spinning shitty 80’s glam metal and other cool jams.

9 pm – All ages – $5
Timewarp Music
12257 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA


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