Professional Snowboarder Shayne Pospisil Takes Overall Blue Leader’s Jersey Heading into Saturday’s Skateboard Finale

Santa Barbara, California (April 7, 2011) – Stormy waves with sets about head high at Seaside Reef in Cardiff, Calif. provided challenging conditions for all the 36 surfers, skaters and snowboarders who competed at Stage 2, the surfing leg, of the Ultimate Boarder® Championship.

“I was just hoping to catch a few waves,” said professional snowboarder Trevor Jacob who took second in the snow at Mammoth and 23rd in the surf today putting him in 4th place overall going into Saturday’s skateboard finale.

“That’s the thing about Ultimate Boarder®, though” said Jacob. “You have to be good at all three board sports to win this thing; you can’t just be good at two disciplines and bomb one,” he added of the board sport triathlon.

The athletes, many who made the trek down from last Saturday’s snowboard contest at Mammoth Mountain, Calif. produced some stellar rides given the tough conditions. In the end, Laguna Beach’s Nathan Zoller stood atop the podium, while Imperial Beach’s Kyle Knox and Ocean Beach’s Josh Morse took second and third place, respectively.

In the Pro/Am team division, Kilian Garland of P3 took first in surf while the Val Surf Team grabbed the overall lead. In the Youth division, Kadin Panesi of Team P3 also took the podium bringing his team from third to first place overall going into skate.

“It was a whirlwind day and I was just excited to make the finals,” said solo contest winner, Zoller who despite having low scores in his first heat, scored an 8.8 during his second heat to advance to the finals.

While the top three competitors in the surf all have strong surfing backgrounds, there were a few skaters and snowboarders who finished within the top 20, putting them in solid position to take home the entire Ultimate Boarder® crown, going into Saturday’s skate competition.

Two-time Ultimate Boarder® Champion Chad Shetler (Capo Beach, Calif.) took seventeenth in the surf today, putting him in eighth place overall going into skateboarding, his primary sport, while veteran UB competitor Shayne Pospisil (Manasquan, NJ), who finished in tenth in the surf stands in the number one spot going into Saturday’s skateboarding contest.

“So far I am stoked on my snow results and since I did better than I did last year in the surf, I am in a good spot going into skate,” said Shetler.

Skateboarding, the final stage of the boardsports triathlon, will take place this Saturday, April 9th at the Seaside Reef parking lot. The event will start at 10am, depending on weather.

“The skateboarding leg is going to be the great equalizer of this competition,” said today’s surf webcast host and Transworld Surf Editor Chris Cote. “That’s where people will lay it all down and where you will see the biggest slams and the most entertaining part of Ultimate Boarder®,” he added.

The vert/mini ramp will be located at the south end of the Seaside Reef parking lot. It is the first time there has ever been a skate contest held at a California State Park.

The event is free and open to the public. Fans and spectators are urged to bring beach chairs and blankets.

Fans from abroad can also check out the action from today or watch it live Saturday online at,

Ultimate Boarder® is sponsored by San Disk, Flexfit, Kona Brewing Company and Mammoth Mountain. The event benefits Free Wheelchair Mission, a non-profit that transforms lives through the gift of mobility.

Please visit You can also check out our Facebook fan page at UBFanPage and follow us on Twitter @UltimateBoarder.

About Ultimate Boarder
Ultimate Boarder® is a one-week competition to find the athlete who can conquer the art of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Ultimate Boarder® was created in response to the growing popularity of these sports, and as a way to promote healthy athletic lifestyles among young athletes in a positive and competitive environment that grooms role models and heroes for our country’s next generation. The event benefits Free Wheelchair Mission, a non-profit that transforms lives through the gift of mobility.

Visit the Ultimate Boarder® Facebook fan page at UBFanPage and follow us on Twitter @UltimateBoarder. For event details and to watch the webcast live, please visit


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