Dan Levy from Juice Magazine got a VIP tour of the Fender L.A. Showroom courtesy of Mike Schulz and Mike Tempesta of FMIC. Juice Dan, Bloodhorse Scott Manning, founder of SoCal fashion empire Bloodhorse Clothing, and the hilarious Chris Casey (The Captain and Casey Show) spent a few hours checking out the gear and testing out the arsenal of amazing axes. Dan wields the Jackson Rhoads model, while Manning and Casey respectively experiment with the San Dimas® and Wolfgang® Stealth models by Jackson sister brands Charvel® and EVH®.

The following week, Michael S and Mike T from Fender Music Instruments Corporation (FMIC) rolled down to Juice Magazine Headquarters with two badass Tim Armstrong acoustic Fender guitars to liven up the already colorful atmosphere here in Venice Beach, CA.

If that wasn’t enough, Mike Schulz sent Juice some new Fender bar stools for us to jam out on, and a new amplifier system is on the way, so stay tuned. Juice Magazine is excited to be working with the FMIC brand on some very special upcoming projects to be announced soon. Look out for a custom-designed Juice Magazine Fender Stratocaster coming soon too. Thanks to Mike Schulz and Mike Tempesta, FMIC, and welcome to the Juice Magazine family.



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