June 18th 
 | $5  | 
10 PM


“Sounding like The Replacements in their prime, mixed with the old school cow-punk of The Gun Club, [Jason] Vandygriff and his buddies show no signs of slowing down or letting up as they stake their claim to being the best punk band, cow- or otherwise, in Dallas.” –Darryl Smyers, Dallas Observer

“These Von Ehrics maintain a Texas-sized cowboy toughness with a sound that mixes country twang with punk energy.” -Jonathan Williams, Wrestling With Pop Culture

“The Von Ehrics wrap up the abandon and rebellion of punk in an authentic rock that is a little Red Dirt, a little gospel and enough honky-tonk to keep a room full of Stetsons bobbing.” –Lucinda Breeding, Denton Record-Chronicle

Cow punk veterans the Von Ehrics are back on the road in support of their new album Two Foot Stomp, available now through Lucky Buck Records. The Von Ehrics will be performing at the Shakedown at 3048 Midway Drive, San Diego, CA 92110 with Thousand Watt Stare & Dead Engines. Tickets are $5 and the band takes the stage at 11:00 PM.

Two Foot Stomp is the first album The Von Ehrics have ever recorded entirely in the studio and not whilst out on the road during their heavy touring schedule. This process is an unusual one for the band. Their strong work ethic and relentless touring schedule has built them a solid following throughout the U.S. The Von Ehrics have shared stages with acts such as Old 97′s, the Riverboat Gamblers, Reverend Horton Heat, Mudhoney, Billy Joe Shaver, GBH, Supersuckers and Dale Watson.

The Von Ehrics are: songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Robert Jason Vandygriff, Gabe Aguilar on drums, bassist Paul “Santi” Vaden (Ghoultown) and new guitarist Clayton Mills (Dixie Witch, Riverboat Gamblers).

Visit for ongoing updates and additional tour dates.

Feel free, if you’d like, to wave your hands uproariously in the air and proclaim to the world that Punk is dead, that it’s a lost form of music not viable since the hey days of 1970’s New York where every nitty, gritty street punk filled the room of CBGB’s to catch the latest Punk Rock escapade. Nowadays, that feeling of elation through Punk Rock music, and even Rock music itself, is at best experienced through an every-so-often tour of older bands still kickin’ around and playin’ for the fans, which is wonderful, but it’d be nice to see some newer ensembles step up to the plate and prove once and for all that the death of Punk is a complete and total lie. So with that being said, I direct your attention to Thousand Watt Stare, a brand-spankin’ new band whose members, (Mr.Christian Martucci of Black President, Strychnine Babies, and The Chelsea Smiles, and Mr.Dylan Howard and Mr.Pat Kim of Unwritten Law), are more than experienced in the art of making Punk Rock music and playing it in the way it was meant to be played: fast, loud, and no bullshit attached. Blended nicely with it’s fair share of Rockabilly and straight up Rock n’ Roll, (and leaving all that Emo and Screamo by the wayside), Thousand Watt Stare may just be the saviors that Punk Rock music has been looking for.
-Stephanie Dubrick – AMP Magazine

The days of thumbing through endless rows of records, cassettes, and CD’s in your neighborhood music store may be over, but the spontaneous spirit of those moments still lives. It seems out-dated now to pick up an album based solely on a name, look, or reputation. Nevertheless, that is precisely what Dead Engines are attempting to evoke. The spirit is in large part driven by the members’ previous years in many respected but unheralded bands, like: Diablo 44, Diabolik, Hot Rod Lincoln, Dick Smiley, Nobody’s Business, The Forbidden Pigs and Twilight Idols. Call it a “Bullshit pedigree”, but it’s a pedigree none the less. It also emerges from a common understanding among the members that is rare today, namely, that there are still bands worth hearing that stick to simple American rock n’ roll shorn of pretense. You just have to take a few chances and dig a bit deeper. The members of Dead Engines, after years of self inflicted abuse, as well as the status of being a bit long in the tooth, would like to think they’re still capable of delivering a much needed infusion of cranked-up distorted Americana. Call ’em what you want – rock n’ roll, retro punk-smarm, chicken shit assholes, what have you, just take the chance and make up your own mind. At the end of the day it’s honest music that’s in your face. Best of luck kid…you’re gonna need it…


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