Graveyard’s recent release of Hisingen Blues inspired us to get one of the guys on the line to learn a little more about the four guys who are ripping the rest industry to shreds. Bringing back classic break downs reminiscent of such legendary bands like The Doors and fusing it with their own “doom/stoner” sound, they have proven that there is still discoveries to be made on the musical frontier. Songs like “Uncomfortably Numb” take breaths from soul and sludge a like while songs like “Ain’t Fit to Live Here” lyrically maintain a sense of humanity that anyone that’s not a robot can relate to. We caught up with Jonatan (pictured above sitting on the right). – interview by Jess Braam

NAME:  Jonatan LaRocca Ramm aka “Svala” – THE GUITAR

Rikard Edlund aka “Rikard Ragnarök” aka “Ricky” aka “Potäten” – THE BASS MAN.
Joakim Nilsson aka “Jocke” aka “Joaslim” aka “JJ Red” – The VOCALS & GUITAR.
Axel Sjöberg aka “Broder lök” aka “Axel Galaxel” – THE DRUMS.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Smokey our cat.

When do you get up in the morning?
I love to get up pretty early in the morning to have a little poor man’s speed: coffee and greens and get into the creative bubble. When we are out playing shows, I like to sleep for as long as possible though.

Where are your parents from?
My parents are from a little town called Vänersborg in Sweden.

My Mom wanted me to become _____________.
Don´t know, normal maybe.

If I had to choose another profession, I would be an _____________.
Artist painting and drawing. I like that a lot but need some more practice.

What do you love the most about what you do?
I definitely enjoy the live concerts the most, also having an idea for a song finishing up in your head is a great feeling.

What was the first concert you ever saw.
My first concert was probably H2o, I was into the hardcore scene. I’m not sure though, got to blame my memory again.

What do you hate the most?
The worst part is probably the long drives and to wait ten hours to finally get up on stage.

What kind of car/van do you drive?
We drive a Mercedes Sprinter right now, a step up for us to actually have a van that works properly, and it has a t.v. and stuff. Awesome.

When do you get a chance to chill?
It´s been harder to get time off to chill nowdays since we are playin’ pretty much all the festivals in Sweden this summer and also been busy tourin’ a lot in Europe.

What are your favorite past times?
Smoking, reading, playing guitar, drawing or painting.

Where is your favorite spot to chill?
At the top of the mountain with my wife close to where we live.

Who do you most admire and who really gets you pissed?

I admire all of [the bandmates] ; I love these douche bags. There isn´t anyone that pisses me off more than the other but after six weeks out on the road, you always have your moments where you kind of want to cut the others up into small pieces and fill the bong with it. We don´t fight with each other very much and when we do, we forget it a few minutes later. We are all blessed with memories like retired gold fishes.

What is your biggest problem in life?
This so-called reality and the demons that comes with it. Our made up little world and our misinterpretations of ourselves as some kind of superior creations when all we do is really just fuck everything up.

In 15 years, I’ll be _____________.
Probably and hopefully, I will play the blues for my wife on the porch and watering my avocado plants.

When are you going to retire?
Retirement feels far away, even if we feel kind-of retired some days already. I’m afraid I don´t have an answer for you exactly when we’ll retire; maybe in three years or in thirty years. We will keep on doing this for as long as we think it´s fun, that´s the reason why we do this.

When are you going into the studio?
Hopefully we are heading into the studio late fall or during the winter this year.

Do you think you’ve had a successful year?
I think we´ve had a great year; we do what we love and it´s perfect.

Why do you do this?
Sometimes we wonder why we do this, too, but I think it´s about curiosity and a way of channeling our repressed feelings into something that we can be proud of. Everybody needs to do something creative, everybody.

What is your message to the people?

Do whatever you want to do, do not follow any rules as long as you don´t hurt people or nature, fuck the system and the authorities, work as “one” to step into the next dimension and love everything around you – even when it´s hard.

Peace love and chemical warfare.

THE SKY IS BLUE BECAUSE : We all get blue sometimes no matter who we are or where we are, maybe that´s why. Maybe that´s what brings us together.
FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT : I love to have Indian food at a restaurant called Masala Lounge; that´s probably my favorite place.
WHERE I ITCH THE MOST:  Definitely my legs, those itchy mother fuckers.
BEST PLACE TO BUY EQUIPMENT : We are fortunate to have an endorsement from Orange and Gibson so we haven´t been buying a lot of stuff lately which is good because we probably can´t afford to buy loads of stuff anyway. If you want to make money, don´t get into the music industry, at least as a musician.
I PISS YOU OFF BY: Being like an old confused man and I think my scattered brain might get on to people’s nerves sometimes.
YOU PISS ME OFF BY: Talking too much bullshit about our well-functioning society but don´t know shit about how things work behind the curtains.
IF I RULED FOR A DAY I WOULD: Burn all the bridges, tear all the walls down and destroy all borders. Destroy all the money, it´s not real anyway. Put the leaders off and try to convince people that we have to start work together instead of against each other. Create a system of equality for all.
PARTY SUPPLIES: Space yogurt and a lot of fun!
MOST EMBARRASSING FETISH: My embarrassing fetish is probably eating pickled strawberries from swollen pig feet at the same time as I watch my wife get dressed in different layers of silk. Chug a handful of dog shit and have a stryprunk at the same time makes it perfect. Nothing weird really, just the usual stuff.
MY STUPID HUMAN TRICK :My famous back-flips.
PROUDEST MOMENT: My famous back-flips again.
NASTIEST THING ON A TOUR BUS: I just laid down on a dead old fox outside the tour bus while trying to fix it a couple of weeks ago. Pretty pleasant and soft but not as nice when starting to itch. That and bunks full of shit, piss, cum, blood and puke all at the same time.
FAVORITE BAND: My all time favorite band is Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green-era.
BEST BAND LATELY: I would say Spindrift from the U.S. and Black Keys.
IF I COULD HANG WITH ANYONE FOR A DAY: To hard to just pick one, maybe jam out with Charles Manson for a bit.


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