Hello friends,

It’s Wayne writing with incredible news. A few days ago, as we prepared for the Jail Guitar Doors Benefit Friday night in Austin Texas with English Teeth, Salesman and Lions, a good man named JD Herman contacted us. JD’s brother Brad had died. Brad was an ex-offender and a musician who happened to own a music store in Houston. JD told us that, in his brother’s memory, his family had decided to donate the remaining inventory of amps, guitars and drums to Jail Guitar Doors! We are, of course, knocked out by their generosity and we have accepted the donation. You can read more about Brad Herman in a letter that his brother JD wrote to us.

Now this is where you come in. We have to get this gear back to JGD-USA Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. We are so determined to make good use of this donation that Margaret and I decided to rent a truck and drive the gear ourselves FOR THREE DAYS across country.

But we need your help! Please sponsor us to get us home from Austin to Los Angeles. It’s 1,386 miles and that’s a lotta gas! No donation is too small and no donation is too big, even if it’s just $5 to help offset these bare bones expenses related to what we’ve now officially coined the BRAD HERMAN MEMORIAL GEAR RUN.

This gear will go to inmates around the nation and will help them to rehabilitate. There are 2.5 million people in prison in America today. Almost all of them will rejoin us in our communities. Help them change for the better by learning to channel their feelings creatively. They will be our neighbors, our friends and family members.

We’re posting our progress as we drive across country since we began on Saturday, July 16th and going all the way through until we return to LA, BY TONIGHT. No Sleep ‘Til West Hollywood! Please tell everyone you know and be sure to include this links in your email:

Jail Guitar Doors USA Brad Herman Memorial Gear Run:

Thanks, Wayne & Margaret


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