Andy Roy is the sheriff of skateboarding. Get ready to get your socks pulled down if you’re faking cuz Andy Roy sees right through that. We did a mini interview with him for this giveaway. Check it out and then hit the Juice Online Store. We’ve got 6 sets of Spitfire Andy Roy Lifer Wheels to give away. All orders over 10 bucks are entered to win!

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What does it take to hang on tour with Andy Roy?
It would probably take a lot of patience. There’s a lot of heckling going on. You’ve got to rip right. We heckle. We skate. You’ve got to sleep in the dirt. You’ve got to just get it. If you don’t skate, you’re just sitting around on the sideline and you’re getting heckled. If you’re gonna go skateboard, go get some. You’ve got to spill blood.

Why do you think people are afraid of you?
Maybe they’re intimidated by my past. Maybe it’s my tattoos. Maybe I just tell it how it is.

Where is your favorite place to skate?
I just got back with the AntiHero team and we went all over Oregon and our last stop was Burnside. I haven’t been there in over 10 years and, when I used to go with Joey and John and all those guys, it raged and it hasn’t changed. They still lay down the law there. No bikers. No rollerbladers. You’re cut. If you’re weak, you’re lame. It’s always been like that. They’ve always kept it tough. 20 plus years and they’re still laying down the law. I like the whole environment of Burnside, and how sick the park is. I would have to say Burnside is my favorite place to skate. Right now that’s what’s on my mind. Burnside.

Who’s in your crew these days? Who’s in the van?
The whole Anti Hero Team. Robby Russo. Grosso. Double T. Tony Trujillo. The Silent Assassian. Julien. Cardiel is there. Frank Gerwer. Each one of them has something gnarly to give and I just don’t see any other team like that. They’re just raw power. A Team for life.

What’s the number one thing you teach your kids at skate school?
The number one thing I teach them is to skate fast. Fast, fast, fast. Grind as far as you can. Skate and use the whole skatepark. If you’re at a skatepark, you’re not just going to ollie the stairs and then walk back up. There’s a whole skatepark. Hit it all. Hit everything. I teach them that you only live once so skateboard like it’s the last time you’re ever going to skate. Spill blood. If you’re not slammin’, you’re not gettin’ none. I teach my kids to skate fast. Do what comes from the inside and just get busy. I just want to keep these kids tough. I do that by telling them to pick up a John Cardiel video. That will explain everything right there. Straight up. Skateboarding.

Cardiel rules. Why do you deserve a Lifer wheel?
I don’t know, but it’s an honor to be with Lance, Salba, Grosso, Jason Jessee, Dressen… I’m very thankful to Jim and everybody at Deluxe. I have them to thank because they hooked me up. For those guys to step up and give me a wheel, it means the world to me.

Say something inspirational.
Jay Adams. John Cardiel.




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