Super heated sessions went down at Huntington Beach during the Coastal Carnage event hosted by Converse, and here’s some footage to prove it. The Carnage ramp, expertly built by the Speerco Crew, had lines drawn from clamshells to over-vert extensions, complete with shark-bite hips, which showcased generations of skaters. Skateboarding’s finest showed how style means everything, while  younger rippers threw down bigger airs and more technical transfers than ever thought possible. Like a family reunion for everyone with transition in their blood, Coastal Carnage was a perfect venue for a proper bowl jam. Here we caught the practice sessions with Top 3 finishers Tom Remillard, Pedro Barros and Curren Caples. Congrats to all the riders!

1. Tom Remillard
2. Pedro Barros
3. Curren Caples
4. Tony Hawk
5. Ben Hatchell
6. Ben Raybourn
7. Robbie Russo
8. Kevin Kowalski
9. Kalani David
10. Andrew Langi

Best Trick :
1. Tony Hawk
2. Ben Hatchell
3. Milton Martinez
4. Aaron Homoki
5. Ryan Reyes

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