Skull Skates, with East Vancouver Dub Punk Rockers, The Sorcerers.
3734 West 10th @ Alma

If you care about the history of skateboarding, you’ve got respect for Skull Skates and the man who backed it and helped shape the evolution of the hardcore lifestyle. One of the last remaining skateboarding companies that refused to sell out, PD’s Hot Shop and his crew hold down the reasons why skateboarding entered into this world: community, punk rock and concrete warfare.

PD’s Skull Skates Shop on West 4th has been a place of worship for hardcore BC and Canadian skateboarders throughout the hardships and corporate poking the world of skate has had to fight. The place reminded you of the first skate shop that opened in your town, with only enough room for what you need and a counter to tell stories over. The shop is a huge part of Canada’s skate history and the arrival of their new store front has already proven to be another much-needed house of skate for Vancouver. Check out the Grand Opening party where the Sorcerer’s reunite to celebrate the coming of a new breeding ground for the next generation of sessions to go down in Vancouver.  http://www.skullskates.com.


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