The Short Board Revolution at the California Heritage Museum

It was a night where surfing’s most exceptional and elusive personalities, gathered beneath the twilight in a candle lit garden to make prank calls, talk story and drink the open bar dry. The Shortboard Revolution grand opening was everything you wanted to see and know about the transformation of an era, attitude and lifestyle. The California Heritage Museum displayed a truly authentic quiver of surfboards put together under one roof and led the pioneers of the sport into a night of reminiscing. With a live ukulele  playing in the background, stories began to emerge and the real history of the sport was given life once again. As the candles were blown out and the tables dismantled, the garden was filled with laughter as old friends and legends claimed waves and flipped skateboards in the grass, and showed that in the core of surfing, the revolution has proved that not a lot has changed. The soul remains.

The Short Board Revolution features the surfboards that changed surfing from the Gidget era “Malibu Chip” longboards to the high-flying aerial performance boards of today. Showcasing Surf Design from 1967-1984, the show held at the California Heritage Surf Museum will run from August 18, 2011 through May 6th, 2012. Roll out to the show.

Words and video by Alicia Gilmour

Photos by Dan Levy

© 2011 Juice Enterprises, Inc – Juice Magazine


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