OXNARD, CA—Sept. 28, 2011—HEX, fashionable tech and street wear accessories brand, and division of seasoned fashion house August Accessories, is proud to announce that self-proclaimed tech junkie and skateboarder extraordinaire, Mike Mo Capaldi has officially joined the HEX team as a brand ambassador.

“We are so happy to welcome Mike into the HEX family,” said Carl Steindler, marketing manager at HEX. “Not only does he have tremendous ability on a skateboard, but he also exudes an uncanny passion for anything and everything Apple. Mo is no stranger to technology and we can’t wait to start working together on some projects…he gets it!”

A native Southern Californian and die-hard Simi Valley local, Mike Mo is best known in the skateboard world for his prowess on ledges and flat ground. His sense of humor differentiates him from the pack wherever he goes, and his ability to always make a person laugh is one of the main qualities that has contributed to his speedy success in the skate scene. When he’s not out traveling the world for sponsors, contests and magazines, Mike can be found relaxing at home with his brother Vince working on their website 8=D and breaking world texting records.

“I am so stoked to be a part of the HEX family because the brand fits all the gadgets I use on a daily basis,” said Mike Mo. “From the iPad, iPod, iPhone, and MacBook, HEX is the only brand that allows me to take my love of Apple products in a street wearable way. “

More information: www.ShopHex.com | www.facebook.com/ShopHex | www.twitter.com/ShopHex

About HEX:
Established in 2010, by the folks at August Accessories in Oxnard California, HEX is proud to bring a splash of pizzazz and forward thinking to the often mundane world of tech apparel and merchandise. With over 20 years of experience within the fashion and accessories industry, August has sprouted a brand that is sure to take the market by storm. With a collection that showcases ever modern iPod Nano® watchbands and a stylish array of bags, through fusing technology and fashion HEX has created some very innovative products that will no doubt garner top-quality storage for all of your tech devices. More information on HEX can be found on www.ShopHex.com.



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