The Stronghold Society’s
Wounded Knee 4-Directions Skatepark
Live Life Call To Action Campaign

Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Oglala Lakota Reservation.

The Wounded Knee 4-Directions Skatepark Toby Eagle Bull Memorial, a project of the Stronghold Society, is in progress now!

Big shout outs to Stronghold Society supporters: Jeff Ament & Pearl Jam / PJ10 Club, VANS Steve Van Doren and Chris Overholser, Tony Hawk Foundation and Chris Saaca and Ben Harper. Big thanks and much respect to Monk, Matt and Grindline Skateparks for their over and beyond efforts!!

Thanks to the Lakota Skate Culture Movement and Pine Ridge Community who are joining in and working hard to support Monk and his crew from Grindline Skateparks who are working hard to create something awesome for the Lakota Youth. We will keep you updated on progress…

October 15, 2011 is the big event… We invite everyone to the Wounded Knee 4-Directions Skatepark Toby Eagle Bull Memorial in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, for a day of skateboarding, entertainment, and gifting of this park to the community of Pine Ridge. Special guest supporters include Jeff Ament and Ray Barbee.

The very next day there will be a Kimimila “Age of the Daughters” Gathering on October 16, 2011, to seek support of backpacks, school supplies and financial support. The Stronghold Society nonprofit is dedicated to instilling hope and supporting youth movements through Live Life Call To Action Campaigns.



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