OCTOBER 1, 2011

Beers, bros and the ultimate backyard, the Pink Motel… This party in the Pink was one good time for all. When you need a dose of the brotherhood of skateboarding, here it is. There was endless heckling and boards tapping on the coping all night long. Special guests included some of the heaviest characters in skateboarding with Rick Blackhart cheering and jeering every run, while Malba emceed and tried to control the flow of the session, and Duncan, Reategui, Ngoho, Skreech and a slew of hardcores partied their heads off. Badlanders massacred the deep end, while Lance Mountain provided decades of Pink Motel inspiration to the generations of skateboarders that got together for this bro-down. We could go on and make a giant list of names of all the pool warriors that were there and tell you how hard they all ripped, but check out this video instead and see for yourself. This is skateboarding.

Filming by Dan Levy and Alicia Gilmour. Editing by Alicia Gilmour © 2011 Juice Enterprises, Inc.

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