Billy Al Bengston
“Real Lite & Space” | “Your New Home” | “Ed Ruscha”

November 11 – December 11, 2011
Opening Reception:
11-11-11 at 11am and 7-10pm


On January 25, 2011, Katie proposed I have an exhibition at Subliminal Projects. For a long time I have been captivated about the date of November the 11th, 2011. I like a lot of ones. She agree. We had meeting to establish what the topic or the style of the show would be. She was enthusiastic about a group of paintings that I did in 2008. I think they sorta look like your future pad and i think they’re pretty. Concurrently, we will show monotypes I made in 1966. They are very light and reflect a lot of space. The Ruscha will be a surprise. Undoubtedly, I’ll drop other things into the mix. Please come and let Katie explain it to you. Hope you enjoy it.
Billy Al Bengston

Billy Al Bengston; Pad WABAB, 2008; 60 x 44"; Acrylic on canvas

For images from the show please visit Subliminal Projects Gallery is located at 1331 Sunset Blvd. Echo Park, CA. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday 11-6pm and Saturday 12-5pm.


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