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Blocks’ Birthday Party
November 4, 2011
Hama Sushi, Venice, CA
Photos by Dan Levy

It was one hell of a good time Friday night, November 4th for Block’s Birthday Bash with DJ’s, magicians, photographers, skateboarders, musicians and some great food!  From 7:30pm to 11pm, Hama Sushi located at Windward Circle in Venice Beach, California was taken over by Block and all of his friends to celebrate!  Attendees include Eric Dressen, Jesse Martinez, Scott Oster, Joey Tershay, Joey Tran, Bagel, Bennett Harada, Rick Massie, Fredwreck, Brian Zarate, Jimbo Quintance, Lori Lorenzo, Sam and Kelly Jackson, Dan Levy, Vanessa Davey, Tanya Martin, The Barb Wire Dolls: Isis Queen and Pyn Doll, Bobby Bliss, Louanna Rawls, Kris Wolfe, Jeremy Parker, Hso Hkam, Masao Miyashiro, Lance LeMond and Granny among many others!  Everyone had a great time, especially Block! Happy Birthday, Block! Here’s to many, many more!


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