Elephant Brand SkateboardsYou heard it. Resource Distribution is the new home of Mike V and his new company Elephant Skateboards, due to debut in Summer 2012. Here’s a preview:

What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Also, if you haven’t heard the new issue of Juice Magazine will begin shipping after the first of the year. Get your orders in now for first round delivery.


4 responses to “MIKE V. at it again with ELEPHANT SKATEBOARDS

  1. I love it! That statement Mike made is why I’ve been a fan since he was “discovered” at Mt. Trashmore in VA Beach many years ago, and will always be one. And to me it’s actually similar to Juice. Just skate! Skate because you love it, nothing else. Growing up me & my boys ALWAYS accepted anyone who wanted to skate with us. It didn’t matter if it was Vert, Launch Ramps, Pools, whatever. And it damn sure didn’t matter what skill level one was at.
    I’ve met several Pros over the years, and Mike is truly a cool guy. No attitude, not a dick, just a skater. I’m looking forward to this next chapter that is Mike V.

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