Victory Electric Tattoo Co. is having an art show. Priority parking for bikes and an afterparty at the Star Light Room.

Artists showing include: Shinya Kimura, Robert Atkinson, Chopper Dave, Michael Schmide, Zombie, Skratch, Jeff Wright, Robert Williams, The Pizz, Dan Collins, Todd Reich, Max Grundy, Sonny Boy, Wes Drelieshak, Sarah Ray, Jason Cruz, Stanley Gunn, Tiffany Collins, Chicago Chris, Von Franco, Hot Dog, KEith Weesner, Bugs, Scott Stollar, Pac Man, Harpoon, Little Jenny Ketchum, John Kline, Adam Wright, Duane Ballard, Suzanne Williams, Tuesday Glennan, James Owens, Rob Kruse, Ryzart, Matt Rascoe, Eli Hathaway, Michael Dorman

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