the AGGRONAUTS are marching on your town, a three piece siege engine. Hell-bent on crumbling the walls of a musical complacency that currently imprisons us all. So Cal Punk band that features members of D.I., SX-10 & Cypress Hill. SIX CENTS are from Pacific Beach and have been playin, together for a LONG time. Growin up in the southern California punk scene, these guys have earned their street credibility in more ways than one (believe that). The music is an array of punk, metal, rock and roll, ska and reggae. The live shows are a blast from the past with high energy and a stage performance second to none. CHANGO’S PSYCHOTIC GARAGE are delving into that whole Cleveland/NYC Punk ala 1977 scene with Dead Boys riffs along with Ramones & Heartbreakers snottiness.


DARSOMBRA is the audio/visual duo of Brian Daniloski and Ann Everton. Daniloski builds a leviathan of sound by layering guitar and vocals, drawing from traditions as disparate as doom, space and southern rock, modern classical, and musique concrete. Ann Everton’s psychotropic video work teleports the audience to an intergalactic journey of the soul in the vein of the last 30 minutes of “2001: A Space Odyssey”. TOTIMOSHI – Founded in 1997 have been forging their own path for well over a decade. Based on their love of Rock, some Metal, some Jazz, some Classical, some Rag, some Dixieland, some Blues, and some Mariachi, Totimoshi set out to be slaves to no one genre. They have released 5 albums to date and their 6th “Avenger” will soon be released and will tear your heart out. We promise. RIVERVERB is Frank Melendez, co-founder of Sprung Monkey in 1989, though he left the group a few years later in search of more challenging musical adventures and Jay Margart of Sugarrush Railroad Inc. Experimental Noise, if you will with deep seeded influences of Throbbing Gristle, Royal Trux, Spacemen 3 & the Dead C.

$15 In Advance / $20 Day Of Show
Doors: 5:30 PM / Show: 6:30


In 1980, British punk / metal crossover band ENGLISH DOGS was formed and gained immediate acclaim with top 10 indie chart releases. Though these initial releases were more straight-forward punk rock, the band’s metal leanings appeared on the highly acclaimed “Forward Into Battle” record, released in 1985. The seminal album was a major influence on bands such as METALLICA and SEPULTURA, and this year the “Forward Into Battle” lineup of founding-member Andrew “Pinch” Pinching (also of THE DAMNED), Graham “Gizz” Butt (ex-PRODIGY, THE MORE I SEE) and Adie Bailey has re-grouped to again bring that record to life for North America. Support on the trek will come from THE CASUALTIES, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and HAVOK.

Commented Gizz: “In 1984 to 1986, me , Pinch and Adie were writing and recording some of the most important and influential songs of our lives and our ‘Forward into Battle’ album was the peak of our success. The American fans completely got it. Crossover had arrived!! Our 1985 debut USA tour exploded with sellout shows and sights we’d never seen before, queues half a mile down the street, moshpits and circle pits all night long. We have finally reunited to achieve a dream that has been going on for over 25 years. To realize the entire ‘Forward Into Battle’ album, along with ‘To The Ends Of The Earth’ EP, another ambitious milestone, live in all their glories, to North America.”

Added founding ENGLISH DOGS member Pinch: “We were young and hungry for a musical challenge. The hardcore punk scene had become stagnant and new territories needed exploring. Adding Gizz to the band let us off the leash and we were able to wander down any musical alley we chose. We were 20 years old when we recorded ‘Forward Into Battle’, playing way beyond our abilities as musicians and lacking the studio technology to capture it. Now, 25 years later, we will finally be able to do this album justice, sonically. Live and in your face, the genre we helped to create is going once more ‘Forward Into Battle’.”

Upcoming Shows:
Feb 25 Darsombra, Totimoshi & Riververb
Feb 29 James Hunnicutt, Graham Lindsey & Jimmy Dean
Mar 1 the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow, Betty Beware and the Coffin Bangers Gorelesque & Zombie Surf Camp
Mar 2 Pharmacy, the Touchies & Kitty Plague
Mar 3 the Business (UK), Rat City Riot & the Downtown Struts
Mar 7 Joe Buck Yourself, Nick Bone and the Big Scene & the Hooten Hallers
Mar 8 Electric Frankenstein, Deadbeat Vultures, the Sawyer Family & Big Buck Hunter and the Pros
Mar 9 Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue, Bill Cardinal & His Canyon Band & Paperplanes (Leigh’s B-Day)
Mar 10 Griever, North & Alioth
Mar 16 Jughead’s Revenge, Whitekaps, Doggy Style, D.P.I. & the Wastrels
Mar 17 Purple Church, Slut Machine & the Great Electric Quest
Mar 20 James Leg (John Wesley Myers of The Black Diamond Heavies)
Mar 21 Peter and the Test Tube Babies, the Generators, Guitar Gangsters & Embalmers
Mar 22 Kamikaze Queens (ex Mad Sin), Viva Le Vox & Rachel Brooke
Mar 23 Crashed Out (UK), Rat City Riot & City Of Vain
Mar 24 the Recently Deceased
Mar 25 the Ataris, the Go Reflex (ex Pollen) & Sic Waiting
Mar 28 Reason To Rebel, the Big Small & Pretty Too Bad
Mar 30 the Sensitive Side, Stalins Of Sound & FM Bats
Mar 31 the Black Rose Phantoms, the Saints & Sinners & the Frighteners
Apr 6 Nuclear Tomorrow, Dirtbag & Sorry State
Apr 7 the Rocketz, Astro Zombies (France) & the Gore Horsemen
Apr 11 Margate, News From The Front, Sic Waiting & CPA
Apr 14 Oceanside Sound System, the Revivers & the Left Coasters
Apr 20 Wayne “the Train” Hancock, Behind The Wagon & the Avenues
Apr 21 Filthy Still
Apr 26 Voodoo Glow Skulls, D.P.I. & Break The Cycle
May 1 Jason And The Punknecks
May 3 Bitburger Presents: Bonzo Goes To Bitburg Night @ The Shakedown
May 5 Nerve Control & Verbal Desecration
May 12 Punk Rock Record Swap /the Cry, Casanova & Telephone Lovers
May 19 the Chuck Dukowski Sextet (ex Black Flag)
May 23 the Hookers, White Barons, El Camaro & Dethtrip Forever
Jun 9 Against The Grain, Oddball & Break The Cycle
Jul 7 Rikk Agnew, the Turps & Chango’s Psychotic Garage
Jul 13 Gore Noir’s Friday the 13th Comic Con Party with A Band Of Orcs
July 26 the Scarred, Evacuate & the Pinkerton Thugs

Other Shows brought to you by the Shakedown:
Feb 26 English Dogs, Casualties, Toxic Holocaust & Havok

Buy tickets online for upcoming shows:

We open at 2 PM and close at 2 AM EVERYDAY!!!!!



Cypress Hill & Guerilla Union In Association with Live Nation Present
March 3 at NOS Events Center In Southern California


Thievery Corporation and Rusko To Headline The Massive Stoned Garden Stage

Low End Theory (Daddy Kev, Nobody, Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles, Nocando),
DJ Muggs, Curren$y and Daedelus Also Added To Line-up

Joining Previously Announced Performers
Headliners Sublime with Rome and Korn, Wiz Khalifa, Cypress Hill, Café Tacuba, The Dirty Heads

Also Features The Medical Marijuana Expo And Patient Consumption Area;
Topics for the 2012 Expert Panels Announced

Thievery Corporation, Rusko, Low End Theory (Daddy Kev, Nobody, Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles, Nocando), DJ Muggs, Curren$y and Daedelus have been added to the performers at CYPRESS HILL SMOKEOUT FESTIVAL—taking place March 3 at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. They are set to join previously announced artists Sublime With Rome, Cypress Hill, Korn, Wiz Khalifa, Café Tacuba and The Dirty Heads

The CYPRESS HILL SMOKEOUT FESTIVAL is presented by Cypress Hill and Guerilla Union–the independent live events company behind world-class platforms including ROCK THE BELLS and PAID DUES. Headlining the dance music-focused Massive Stoned Garden Stage is Thievery Corporation–one of the most influential and respected names on the electronic/dance music scene–and UK dubstep producer and deejay Rusko. Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs–who is set to release new solo album Bass For Your Face–notes: “I am extremely proud to present the 2012 Smoke Out Massive Stoned Garden Stage and I’m very, very excited about this year’s line up. We have the Low End Theory and myself joined under a tent by the one and only Rusko and Thievery Corporation, bringing the energy like no one else. It’s going be a high energy night full of surprises and special guests.”

In addition to the two stages of music, some of the unique attractions at the CYPRESS HILL SMOKEOUT FESTIVAL include the Medical Marijuana Expo featuring the leading hemp industry exhibits and expert panel discussions, and the Patient Consumption Area providing private and peaceful area for registered California medical marijuana patients. There will also be a Massive Munchie Garden, interactive vendor village and more.

The expert discussion panels at the festival will feature educational and informative conversations led by the most influential and dedicated speakers on the topic. Audience Q&A sessions will follow each panel. This year’s panel topics include:

Cannabis Activism: With elections approaching and cannabis being in the media limelight more and more each day, it is imperative we represent ourselves as professional cannabis connoisseurs.
Cannabis as Medicine: Young medical cannabis patients and their parents come together to tell incredible stories of how cannabis is saving their lives. Joining them will be an Expert Patient Consultant from an LA Collective and the President of a Cannabis Testing Laboratory.
Does Prohibition Work?: Cannabis experts discuss the devastating effects of prohibition and how it might be doing more harm than good.
Artist Panel: Medicine and music create a powerful force of influence when combined.

Tickets for the Smokeout Festival are available now via Guerilla Union advises fans to sign up for the official mailing list on to receive the most up-to-date festival information and new announcements.

Smokeout 2012 Line-up
Sublime with Rome
Wiz Khalifa
Cypress Hill
Thievery Corporation
Café Tacuba
The Dirty Heads
Low End Theory (Daddy Kev, Nobody, Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles, Nocando)
DJ Muggs

+Additional Acts to be announced

Additional Features
Medical Marijuana Expo
Patient Consumption Area


EMP Museum Announces 2012 Exhibition Schedule
Lineup Includes AC/DC, Science Fiction Icons, the Black Leather Jacket, and Hendrix

SEATTLE – EMP Museum announced its 2012 exhibition schedule with an exciting lineup that includes: AC/DC: Australia’s Family Jewels; Icons of Science Fiction; Worn to be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket; and Hear My Train a Comin’: Hendrix Hits London.

AC/DC: Australia’s Family Jewels
April 28, 2012 – September 24, 2012
EMP is proud to be the only North American venue to host AC/DC: Australia’s Family Jewels. Developed and presented by the Arts Centre Melbourne and the Western Australian Museum in association with AC/DC, Albert Music, and Sony Music, this is the first and only fully endorsed exhibition to bring to life the history, creativity, and power of one of the world’s greatest rock bands. The exhibition will feature more than 400 artifacts including photos, instruments, 35 years of gig posters from shows around the world, letters, lyrics, and costumes, including an extremely rare Angus Young schoolboy outfit and his 1975 home sewn ‘Super Ang’ costume, complete with gold and red satin cape.

Icons of Science Fiction
June 9, 2012 – Ongoing
EMP presents science fiction’s most iconic artifacts with a new exhibition that explores the lives and ideas of the genre’s most mind-bending creators. The exhibition will feature the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, and one-of-a-kind memorabilia from literature, film, television, and art including an Imperial Dalek from the television series Doctor Who, command chair from the classic television series Star Trek, Yoda’s walking cane from the films Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,and Neo’s coat from the film The Matrix Reloaded.

Worn to be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket
October 20, 2012 – January 20, 2013
Harley-Davidson® Museum in partnership with EMP Museum present a dynamic exhibit that traces the path of the leather motorcycle jacket from functional garment to pop culture’s universally recognized symbol of cool rebellion. The exhibition will feature dozens of garments and related artifacts, from early military jackets and famous Hollywood costumes worn by stars like Elvis Presley, to haute couture by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Gianni Versace, as well as iconic Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Hear My Train a Comin’: Hendrix Hits London
November 17, 2012 – Ongoing
2012 marks the 70th birthday of Jimi Hendrix, and EMP celebrates its roots with a tribute to one of rock music’s most masterful and influential artists. This new exhibition focuses on Hendrix’s time in London, featuring rare costumes, instruments, photographs, albums, and a collection of never-before-seen artifacts from the estate of Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer, Mitch Mitchell. Throughout the year, EMP will also organize commemorative programs and events to mark major milestones in Hendrix’s career including the 45th anniversaries of the Monterey Pop Festival and the release of Purple Haze.


EMP is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration of creativity and innovation in music, science fiction, and popular culture. EMP combines interpretative, interactive exhibitions with state-of-the-art technologies, and educational programming to offer visitors of all ages a first-hand, multi-dimensional experience of the creative and artistic process.

EMP is housed in a 140,000 square foot Frank O. Gehry-designed building. This spectacular, prominently visible structure has the presence of a monumental sculpture set amid the backdrop of the Seattle Center.

Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition
Open now through March 4, 2012

AVATAR: The Exhibition
Open now through September 3, 2012

Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses
Open now through April 22, 2013

Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film
Open now

Winter Hours: September 6, 2011 – May 24, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

325 5th Avenue N, Seattle, WA 98109
206.770.2700, main line
206.770.2702, box office
1.877.367.7361, toll-free



Legendary Band’s Golden Anniversary CELEBRATION to Include a New Capitol Album
And Commemorative Catalog Releases, a Major International Tour and More!

Beach Boys 50th Anniversary

Hollywood, California – December 16, 2011 – The founding members of The Beach Boys, one of the world’s most legendary bands in popular music history, will reunite for a global 50th Anniversary CELEBRATION in 2012. Beach Boys Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks will come together for a new studio album and commemorative catalog releases with Capitol/EMI and a 50-date international tour to begin in April with a headlining performance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (“Jazz Fest”) as well as other exciting events to be announced.

Brian Wilson says, “This anniversary is special to me because I miss the boys and it will be a thrill for me to make a new record and be on stage with them again.”  Mike Love says, “We got together at Capitol Records and re-recorded ‘Do It Again.’  Brian and I wrote that song which went to number 1 in Great Britain, Australia and elsewhere some 44 years ago.  Brian paid me a compliment saying, ‘How can a guy sound that great so many years later?’ Later on, while working out some harmonies on a new song Brian had written, I got a chance to return the compliment.  It was a thrill to be around a piano again with Brian, Alan and Bruce and experience firsthand the brilliance of Cousin Brian’s gift for vocal arrangements. I am very much looking forward to David Marks joining us and thrilling with his surf guitar licks. Music has been the unifying and harmonizing fact of life in our family since childhood. It has been a huge blessing that we have been able to share with the world.  Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Do It Again?  Absolutely!”

Al Jardine says, “The Beach Boys were recently inducted into the California Hall of Fame. From our humble beginnings as brothers, cousins and friends, we have been honored to sing the praises of California, and I’m really excited for our fans to be able to see us again in concert on the world stage, and to celebrate our 50th anniversary together with a new studio album.”

Bruce Johnston says, “I will be looking forward to singing Brian Wilson’s melodies and Mike Love’s lyrics once again in concert with many of the original band members, but imagine what we all could come up with vocally in a recording studio atmosphere under Brian’s musical direction.”

David Marks says, “I’m really looking forward to celebrating this important milestone in The Beach Boys’ history with the other guys, and with Capitol Records – where it all began 50 years ago. It means a lot to me that we can all reunite and pay tribute to the fans who have kept the music alive.”

The Beach Boys have already recorded several songs for their new album, to be released in 2012 by Capitol/EMI, with more tracks to be recorded before its completion. The as-yet-untitled album, the first to feature all of the band’s surviving original members in decades, is being produced by Brian Wilson and executive produced by Mike Love.

The Beach Boys and Capitol/EMI have also teamed up for a 50th Anniversary campaign spotlighting the band’s entire catalog, with several new commemorative releases planned for 2012, including a new hits collection and a career-spanning box set.

Roger Faxon, CEO of EMI Group commented: “It’s no exaggeration to say that The Beach Boys are one of the greatest and most loved bands that the world has ever produced, and true American icons. We are incredibly proud to take this next step with them as our partnership enters its fiftieth year, and I can’t wait to see the band back together doing what they do better than anyone else.”

Colin Finkelstein, COO of EMI Music North America said: “We’re honored to continue Capitol/EMI’s historic partnership with The Beach Boys as they celebrate their fiftieth anniversary.  The Beach Boys bring the best of California’s sun and surf culture to people all over the world with their music, and we’re really looking forward to working with the band on the new album and commemorative catalog releases – a real CELEBRATION of fifty years!”

Quint Davis, producer/director, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival says, “It’s an honor to present the original Beach Boys reunion at Jazz Fest 2012. Hosting the greatest artists of our era has always been the primary mission of Jazz Fest, and certainly The Beach Boys are unsurpassed as an iconic American musical and cultural institution. Every spring Jazz Fest is the number-one destination for good vibrations and fun, fun, fun; on April 27th, when The Beach Boys reunite on our biggest stage, it’s going to feel like a thrilling homecoming for everyone lucky enough to be there. We’re all looking forward to experiencing the magic and the joy.”

Founded in Hawthorne, California in 1961, The Beach Boys were originally comprised of the three teenaged Wilson brothers: Brian, Carl and Dennis, their cousin Mike Love, and school friend Al Jardine. In 1962, neighbor David Marks joined the group for their first wave of hits on Capitol Records, leaving in late 1963, and in 1965, Bruce Johnston joined the band when Brian Wilson retired from touring to focus on writing and producing records for the group. For five decades, America’s first pop band to reach the 50 year milestone has recorded and performed the music that has become the world’s favorite soundtrack to summer.

The Beach Boys signed with Capitol Records in July 1962 and released their first album, Surfin’ Safari, that same year. The album spent 37 weeks on the Billboard chart, launching the young group known for its shimmering vocal harmonies and relaxed California style into international stardom. The Wilson/Love collaboration resulted in many huge international chart hits, and under Brian Wilson’s musical leadership, the band’s initial surf-rock focus was soon broadened to include other themes, making The Beach Boys America’s preeminent band of the 1960s.

In 1966, The Beach Boys were one of the first bands to found its own record label with the launch of Brother Records, Inc. (BRI), with the band’s members as its shareholders and Capitol Records as its distribution partner. BRI continues to manage The Beach Boys’ intellectual property, including the band’s catalog with Capitol/EMI and other label partners, as well as its name, logos, image and likeness.

The Beach Boys continue to hold Billboard / Nielsen SoundScan’s record as the top-selling American band for albums and singles, and they are also the American group with the most Billboard Top 40 chart hits (36). ‘Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys’ is fast approaching triple-Platinum sales status, and ‘The SMiLE Sessions,’ released to worldwide critical acclaim in November, has been heralded as 2011’s #1 Reissue of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 and recipients of The Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY Award, The Beach Boys are an American institution that is iconic around the world.


RVCA: The Guitar Show: An Exhibition of Acoustic Guitars by RVCA and Artists and Friends. Featuring: Haasbroek, Daniel Ting Chong, Jade Klara, Greg Darroll, Freddy Sam, Senyol, Manuela Gray, David Chaston, Jean De Wet, Simon Berndt and La. VI. It all goes down at Revolution Long Street in Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at 6pm.


Henry Rollins hosts Life-Just Add Water on November 30, 2011 at the Avalon Theater in Los Angeles, CA. Musical Guests include Corey Taylor and Friends, Scott Ian, Dave Navarro, John 5 and many more. Special DJ Sets by Shepard Fairey. Head down to the Avalon at 1735 Vine St. Los Angeles, CA for Rock ‘N Roll for a good cause.


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OCTOBER. 15, 2011



Libby Knudson, artist and sole proprietor, of what has become one of the coolest galleries in Los Angeles, the Ranch-N-Roll, played host to yet another epic art expose’ on October 15, 2011. This evening featured the colorful and impacting works of deep South folk artist Panhandle Slim. Some in the skateboarding world might know him as Scott Stanton, one of the infamous Zorlac team warrior rippers. Others may know him through his unique Southern folk music with a twist. In whatever capacity you know of Panhandle Slim, his artistic talent is as unprecedented as his unassuming demeanor and relentless passion for creating his art in all forms.

This show highlighted a vibrant body of work encapsulating a diverse array of prolific musicians, skateboarders, poets, politicians, writers and other persons of merit. All of the paintings included quotes from the highlighted individual along with a caricature style portrait. It was  overwhelmingly pleasant as you moved through the space and took in the power of the pieces coupled by the humor and sarcasm behind all the icons portrayed.

The opposing walls and displays were decorated with original works by Libby Knudson embellishing her custom country flair and unique eye for functional impacting display. The wooden cases were filled with authentic Western apparel and perfectly worn in cowboy boots giving you the sense of being in an old Western thoroughfare within shouting distance of a saloon.

The back patio served as a speak easy for the evening with an intimate setting where the small elite crowd was fortunate to experience a one of a kind performance by Rain Phoenix.  This duo performed a rendition of “California Uber Alles” by the Dead Kennedies with a hauntingly prolific energy that left the entire audience in awe. The spirits were flowing as the barkeeper worked frivolously to appease the temporary saloon serving with a smile and sarcastic wit.

Panhandle Slim took a small detour from selling his art to sing a country song with Rain Phoenix bringing some Southern gut to the City of Angels. Exene Cervenka of legendary punk band X was in attendance along with art collectors and other Los Angeles elite.

The show was a complete success as Ranch-N-Roll continues to play host to some of the best modern-day artists in the world. Stay tuned for more to come from Panhandle Slim at

Make sure to check out Ranch and Roll when you are in the Los Angeles area and pick up one of Libby’s custom-made Guadalupe chairs while you’re there.



The Juice Magazine Event Listing represents a mix of dates from press releases and current news outlets. If you see a mistake, please email us. All event listings are subject to change. If you have news or an event you’d like to have listed please email

1031 Tour

Nov 8 – 1031 Tour

Nov 10 – RS2 Solid Sound @ Tres Gringos (San Jose, CA)

Billly Al Bengston

Nov 11 – Billy Al Bengston @ Subliminal Projects (1331 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026) 7PM – 10PM

Shut Up and Skate

Nov 12 – Texas Style Transitionary Ritual @ Overground Project ( 2117 S. Ervay St. Dallas, Texas

Coldman Jam

Nov 12 – Cold Man Jam 5 @ Pier 62, NYC, NY, 10AM – 3PM

Nov 12 – Recent Work by Peggy Oki Opening Reception @ the Sojourner Cafe (134 E. Canon Perdido, Santa Barbara, CA 93101)

Harold Hunter Day

Nov 12 – Harold Hunter Day V @ 12TH L.E.S. Skatepark (New York City, NY)

Nov 12- Kar and Bike Show @ Downtown Wilmington, NC on Princess St. from Frount St. to 3rd St.

Nuclear Blast Scion Music Showcase

Nov 12 – Nuclear Blast presents Exodus, All Shall Parish, Origin & Decrepit Birth @ The Roxy (9009 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069)

Nov 12 – RAT Tour @ Lewisville Skatepark (1031 S. Railroad Park, Lewisville, TX 75057)

Nov 12 – Memphis Skate Park Grand Opening (Memphis, TN) 10AM

Nov 12-Dec 20 – Vans Triple Crown of Surfing @ North Shore, Oahu, HI

Nov 13 – Invincible Skateboards Launch Party/Art Show @ Tiger Tiger Bar in North Park, San Diego, CA) 6PM

King of Crete

Nov 19 – King Of ‘Crete Florida Bowlriders Cup @ Orlando Skatepark (400 Festival Way Orlando, FL 32803) 11AM

Nov 19 – Grind For Ray @ Greenfield Grind Skate Park (1701 Burnett Boulevard, Wilmington, NC) 9AM

Nov 19 – Punk Rock BBQ Make Up Show @ The Queens Wharf (555 Pico Ave. Long Beach, CA)

Nov 19 – The Ian Tilmann Foundation’s Benefit Rock Fest & Board – A – Thon @ MLK Community Center / Stirling Skate Park (550 Laura Lane Dunedin, FL 34698-4927) 10AM

Nov 19-20 – Telekom Extreme Playground @ Berlin, Germany

Nov 19- Dec 31- Surfing Santa and Surfboard Auction @ The Ritz- Carlton, Laguna Niguel

Nov 24-Dec 6 – O’Neill World Cup @ Sunset Beach, Oahu, HI (tentative)

Nov 26 – Venice Surf-A-Thon @ Venice Beach, CA

Nov 26 – Venice Thanksgiving Throwdown @Venice Beach Skate Park (Venice, CA)

Dec 1- 4 – Tampa AM @ Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, FL

Dec 1-Feb 28 – Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau @ Waimea Bay, Oahu, HI

Dec 3 – N-Men 2011 Christmas Party @ The Blue Lamp (Sacramento, CA) 9PM

Dec 8-20 – ASP World Tour Billabong Pipe Masters @ Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, HI


Agenda Trade Show

Jan 5 – 6 – Agenda @ Long Beach Convention Center (300 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802)

March 19 – 23 – The Ultimate Boarder Surfing on Seaside Reef in Cardiff, CA

Mar 23-25 – Tampa Pro @ Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, FL

March 24 Ultimate Boarder Skateboarding @ The Del Mar Fairgrounds

May 12 – 13 – OluKai Ho’Olaule’a Ocean Festival (Maui, HI)

June 8 – 10 – 16th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival @ The Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Las Vegas, NV)

June 15 – 17 – AM2 2012 @ The Anaheim Convention Center (800 West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92802)


SCION LABEL SHOWCASE PRESENTS: EXODUS, ALL SHALL PERISH, ORIGIN, and DECREPIT BIRTH – Saturday, Nov 12, 2011, 1pm-6pm. All ages at The Roxy, 9009 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069. Free with RSVP. RSVP is strictly required at Early arrival is suggested as space is limited. Entry is not guaranteed. Line up subject to change.