Creature Skateboards presents Shut Up & Rumble Vertical Jam. This Texas Style Transitionary Ritual goes down on Nov. 12, 2011 at Overground Project at 2117 S. Ervay St. Dallas, TX. Vintage Car show and pin-up girls by Robs. Pro riders, bands and more!



Grind for Life and Jack’s Boardhouse present the Matt Kline Benefit at Matt’s spot in Grants Pass, Oregon on October 15, 2011. Best Trick, Longest Grind, Biggest Air and Best Trick Over the Door awards will be given along with Free Food and Drinks! Proceeds to benefit Matt Kline and help defray the cost of his cancer treatments. Come skate some of the best backyard/DIY concrete in Oregon, support a great cause and help out a fellow skateboarder.



The three finalists have been chosen for the Bones Shop Flow Rider Video Contest. Congrats to Serge Murphy, Drake Flores, And Kyle Nolan for making it this far. Now it’s up to you; the fans. Watch the 2 minute videos. VOTE NOW for your favorite and one of these flow guys will get the upgrade to am and land a spot on the Official Bones Wheel team.



4th Annual Georgia Bowlriders Update just came in the email from the man John Karg over at Woody’s Halfpipe. Registration has begun so get over to GEORGIABOWLRIDERS.COM if you’re trying to get in on the action. Shredding will commence October 22 in Columbus, GA.



3rd Lair Skate Park of Golden Valley, Minnesota and Vitamin Water are bringing on The 10th Annual Midwest Melee All Ages Skateboard Comp. This contest gives skaters of all skill levels a chance to raise the bar and get in on one of the best skate jams of the year at the 3rd Lair indoor park. Cash is at stake in the advanced division with a 250 dollar purse and 20 session punch card for whoever takes home the cake. Trophies and prizes from Blind, Indy, Creature, Bones, Enjoi, Spitfire and more for all other divisions. Competitors skate free Thu-Sun.

35 dollar registration fee. 5 dollars off for pre-registration.

Click here to register online.

Contest goes down August 19th through 21st.

850 Florida Ave S, Golden Valley, MN. Hit up info@3rdLair.com for more details.


Sessions 13th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Contest this September

 Santa Cruz, CA – Sessions annouced the dates of its 2011 Tim Brauch Memorial Contest, which will for the first time be held on two separate weekends. The Street Style Contest will be September 17, 2011  at the Scotts Valley Skatepark in Scotts Valley, California. The Bowl Contest will be held on September 24 at Lake Cunningham in San Jose, California. Sessions’ Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Constest aims to keep Tim’s spirit alive, as well as providing cities with money, tools, and knowledge to create proper skateboard parks.

Check out Sessions Outerwear on Facebook for the latest info and news on the 13th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Contest.

Save the Dates:

September 17, 2011: Tim Brauch Memorial Street Style Contest, Scotts Valley, California

September 24, 2011: Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Contest, San Jose, California



Andy Roy is the sheriff of skateboarding. Get ready to get your socks pulled down if you’re faking cuz Andy Roy sees right through that. We did a mini interview with him for this giveaway. Check it out and then hit the Juice Online Store. We’ve got 6 sets of Spitfire Andy Roy Lifer Wheels to give away. All orders over 10 bucks are entered to win!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What does it take to hang on tour with Andy Roy?
It would probably take a lot of patience. There’s a lot of heckling going on. You’ve got to rip right. We heckle. We skate. You’ve got to sleep in the dirt. You’ve got to just get it. If you don’t skate, you’re just sitting around on the sideline and you’re getting heckled. If you’re gonna go skateboard, go get some. You’ve got to spill blood.

Why do you think people are afraid of you?
Maybe they’re intimidated by my past. Maybe it’s my tattoos. Maybe I just tell it how it is.

Where is your favorite place to skate?
I just got back with the AntiHero team and we went all over Oregon and our last stop was Burnside. I haven’t been there in over 10 years and, when I used to go with Joey and John and all those guys, it raged and it hasn’t changed. They still lay down the law there. No bikers. No rollerbladers. You’re cut. If you’re weak, you’re lame. It’s always been like that. They’ve always kept it tough. 20 plus years and they’re still laying down the law. I like the whole environment of Burnside, and how sick the park is. I would have to say Burnside is my favorite place to skate. Right now that’s what’s on my mind. Burnside.

Who’s in your crew these days? Who’s in the van?
The whole Anti Hero Team. Robby Russo. Grosso. Double T. Tony Trujillo. The Silent Assassian. Julien. Cardiel is there. Frank Gerwer. Each one of them has something gnarly to give and I just don’t see any other team like that. They’re just raw power. A Team for life.

What’s the number one thing you teach your kids at skate school?
The number one thing I teach them is to skate fast. Fast, fast, fast. Grind as far as you can. Skate and use the whole skatepark. If you’re at a skatepark, you’re not just going to ollie the stairs and then walk back up. There’s a whole skatepark. Hit it all. Hit everything. I teach them that you only live once so skateboard like it’s the last time you’re ever going to skate. Spill blood. If you’re not slammin’, you’re not gettin’ none. I teach my kids to skate fast. Do what comes from the inside and just get busy. I just want to keep these kids tough. I do that by telling them to pick up a John Cardiel video. That will explain everything right there. Straight up. Skateboarding.

Cardiel rules. Why do you deserve a Lifer wheel?
I don’t know, but it’s an honor to be with Lance, Salba, Grosso, Jason Jessee, Dressen… I’m very thankful to Jim and everybody at Deluxe. I have them to thank because they hooked me up. For those guys to step up and give me a wheel, it means the world to me.

Say something inspirational.
Jay Adams. John Cardiel.