It has been a vision of Andy and myself, since Andy came up with the name”WoundedKnee”for our skate company back in September of 1998, to someday build a skatepark on the Pine Ridge Reservation in memory of those who died at the Wounded Knee Massacre, and to also provide a positive place for the youth to gather and skate. Even though Andy is gone, his spirit lives in this company. This image that Ivory Serra shot in the streets of NYC defines not only who Andy was, but who we all are as skaters. Free and independent with no fear. The proceeds of this board will go to our skatepark projects that Andy and I envisioned many years ago. It will go to support the kids through events and product to hook more kids up to skate and connect to that spirit of freedom and independece that started this company in the first place. Thanks for your support and MAY THE SPIRIT OF ANDY KESSLER LIVE ON FOREVER. — Jim Murphy, Wounded Knee Skateboards

We Remember Andy Kessler – Wounded Knee Skateboards.

Produced by Chapman Skateboard Co, Inc.

Designed by Walt Pourier of Nakota Designs, Wounded Knee Skateboards Creative Director.

Original image by famed photographer Ivory Serra.

First decks available at the ONE Gathering Skate For Life July 9th Denver Colorado… where we will be having Andy Kessler Bowl Competition.


NYC SK8 BOOK – Full Bleed: New York City Skateboard Photography by Alex Corporan, Andre Razo and Ivory Serra. Skateboarding in New York City is a singular experience. It is impossible not to feel the magnitude of the landscape, and with the city in constant motion, skateboarding is both exhilarating and extremely dangerous. There is no right or wrong way to navigate this vast terrain. Only one thing is certain – the skaters and images produced in New York City are wholly unique. The shots in Full Bleed span 30 years, with contributions from over 40 photographers. This is the first-ever comprehensive overview of the one of the most diverse and rich skating locations in the world, bringing together legendary skaters and iconic photographers. Featuring the work of: Giovanni Reda, Jessica Bard, Ivory Serra, Tobin Yelland, Miki Vuckovich, Thomas Campbell, Larry Clark, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, Atiba Jefferson, Bryce Knights, Angela Boatwright, Athena Currey, Kenneth Cappello, Charlie Samuels, Andy Kessler, Mike OMeally, Sammy Glucksman, Allen Ying, and more.

Check out the video to see the show and party warp up and buy the book now.