“Look into it – if you know how…” A new show by longtime artist and friend, Rich Jacobs opens Saturday, January 28, 2012. In this new exhibition, Jacobs leads with the feelings associated with the creative process. In making abstract work the artist investigates the question of why he himself is drawn to making things. Jacobs’s newest body of work shows a more mature departure from his well-known figurative character heads that we have seen in the past, yet follow the same atonal rhythms that his music displays. With almost 100 new pieces including works on wood, pencil drawings, renderings, and patterns, Jacobs modestly asks that viewer just consider his works for a brief moment. “Beauty is a rare thing” says the artist, he hopes one will be inspired to make things after viewing the show. “Just a glance” he requests, “a look into it – if you can.”

Coinciding with this new exhibition will be a small “Move” group show, curated by Rich Jacobs. Featuring one piece each by artists: Sandy Yang, Aya Muto, Jeff Canham, Amanda Marsalis, James Gallagher, Billy Sprague, Orion Shepherd , Kelly Nicholson, Jordin Isip, Simone Shubuck, Erika Barboa, Clint Woodside, Tim Kerr, and possibly more. Each artist has been selected by Jacobs to show the influences and sometimes inspirations for his abstract works. As one approaches the gallery entrance -the viewer will instantly be asked a lot to visually consider. is it a large group show or the work of one artist? there seems to be groups of work that seem informed by one another but only somewhat loosely…there is a line that ties them together-what is it? It my just be the line, the energy, the color….wow the palette has changed some over the years too…a little brighter and hopeful this time. We invite you to “Look into it – if you know how.”