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OCTOBER 22, 2011

For the 20 year anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog game from Sega, ASA entertainment teamed up with the makers of Sonic and Sega to put on a vert contest in Venice Beach, CA. The concept was to bring together skateboarders from three different age ranges to compete in Sonic Generations of Skate.


First Place: Tony Hawk (first generation), Andy Macdonald (second generation), Mitchie Brusco (third generation)

Second Place: Kevin Staab (first generation), Sandro Dias (second generation), Paul-Luc Ronchetti (third generation)

Third Place: Steve Caballero (first generation), Pierre Luc Gagnon (second generation), Elliot Sloan (third generation)

Fourth Place: Sergie Ventura (first generation), Lincoln Ueda (second generation), Adam Taylor (third generation)

The disciplines by which the teams would be judged included High Air, Best Trick, Individual, and Doubles.  The doubles ended up turning into triples a few times and it was epic.

There were a ton of highlights throughout the day including Sandro Dias landing the first 900 in Venice Beach History.  It was a bit surreal to see this level of skateboarding just paces away from where skateboarding cut its teeth on the unforgiving proving grounds of the now defunct concrete stage known simply as The Pit.

Speaking only in terms of skateboarding, the historical merit was undeniable, and as far as disciplines go this group of skaters are the top elite of modern-day vert skating. While the vert session was going off, the session in the pool at the Venice Skatepark adjacent was heated as well.

This was not a contest with a huge prize purse, yet it didn’t stop the skaters from pushing their own limits. Mitchie Brusco landed his first ever kickflip varial 540 during the best trick contest and everyone went nuts. Elliot Sloan added to the madness with a 720 tailgrab.  Sergie Ventura threw up a 50/50 body varial to switch 50/50 to fakie.  Tony Hawk pleased the crowd with his signature ollie 540 and a kickflip McTwist.  During the doubles/triples section Mitchie, Tony and Andy went for synchronized 720’s and almost pulled it.

It was another great day in Venice Beach skateboarding history. It’s kind of crazy to think that Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega is 20 years old and is still as exciting to kids today as it was for us kids 20 years ago. Props to ASA and Sega for throwing a great event. For more information on Sonic Generations of Skate visit


Looking to have a little actions sports fun with the family this weekend?  Check out what Downtown Disney’s got going on.  Tony Hawk never fails to give a great show and not to mention all of the other rad attractions there to please the senses.  Give it a look and bring the family out for a day of entertainment. – JESS BRAAM

Action Sports Weekend at Downtown Disney District
TAVIK Teams Up on the July 23-25 Event

COSTA MESA, Calif. (July 20, 2010) – TAVIK kicks off the summer by teaming up with the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim on its Action Sports Weekend, from Friday, July 23 to Sunday, July 25.  For the first time in its history, Downtown Disney® will host the action sports community in a collaborative event featuring performances by top skate and BMX athletes.  As a part of the event, TAVIK will showcase live skate demonstrations and live art performances.

Alongside TAVIK, leading action sports companies including Quiksilver, DC Shoes, The Board Factory and Coppertone have planned activities to light up the big weekend.  On Saturday, July 24 at 6 p.m. a special skateboarding exhibition will showcase Tony and friends in ‘Quiksilver Presents The Tony Hawk Skate Jam’.  This event will showcase top skateboarders in a ‘jam’ format and BMX athletes will exhibit on a giant vert ramp located smack in the middle of the Downtown Disney District main plaza.  In support of the event, several renowned athletes, such as Lincoln Ueda, Josh Stafford, Jesse Fritsch, Kevin Staab, Lyn-Z Adams-Hawkins and bmx rider Tom Stober, will accompany Quiksilver team rider Tony Hawk in this unique event.

“The energy of Action Sports Weekend will be sensational and we are looking forward to showcasing our action sports retail partners,” says Jean Nicassio, Manager of Downtown Disney Initiatives.
Starting Friday morning, guests may enter to win a Stand Up Paddle Board at the TAVIK Kiosk, as well as participate in a “Spin the Wheel” contest for a chance to win a variety of prizes such as tees, hats, posters, magazines, and more.

Admission to all Action Sports Weekend events is free. Downtown Disney District is located at 1580 Disneyland Drive, within walking distance of Disneyland Resort hotels and theme parks.  To learn more about TAVIK, please visit
About TAVIK:
TAVIK is an iconic Southern California lifestyle brand that exploded out of a fusion of surf and street.  TAVIK differentiates itself with loud, ‘out there’ designs that scream to individuals and empower them to define themselves.  Its distinct style coupled with clean, contemporary lines produces a brand that goes beyond trends and fosters originality.  TAVIK is more than apparel- it is a radical lifestyle movement in itself.  Led by people who pump up the volume every chance they get, TAVIK advocates a dynamic lifestyle colored by energy, music and motion. .  Meet TAVIK- fabricating visions since day one.

About the Downtown Disney District:
About Downtown Disney®: A lush garden oasis during the day and an energizing entertainment district at night, Downtown Disney® is the high-energy place for Southern California locals. Guests can experience a great variety of shopping, dining and entertainment. Downtown Disney® is located next to the Disney theme parks at 1580 S Disneyland Dr. Anaheim, CA 92802-2294.


Tony Hawk throwing out a casual McTwist on the newly renovated vert ramp at Skatehalle.

Check out Tony Hawk and the Birdhouse team as they put on a secret demo at Skatehalle-Berlin. The first section of the video features Derek Burdette, Riley Hawk, David Loy and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki rockin a street course.  Afterwards Hawk accompanied by Alan Young, Kevin Staab, Renton Millar, and Jurgen Horrwarth hit the newly renovated vert ramp.  It’s some great skating at a dope venue.  Nice job to our friends in Berlin.  Skatehalle looks rad!  Check out more photos (courtesy of Adam Sello), clips and the video below. – JESS BRAAM


Hawk again throwing it down with a Treflip.

David Loy Wallie.

Killer Doubles photo of Tony Hawk doing a frontside air over Alan Young as he hits a super stylish crail slide.