“Look into it – if you know how…” A new show by longtime artist and friend, Rich Jacobs opens Saturday, January 28, 2012. In this new exhibition, Jacobs leads with the feelings associated with the creative process. In making abstract work the artist investigates the question of why he himself is drawn to making things. Jacobs’s newest body of work shows a more mature departure from his well-known figurative character heads that we have seen in the past, yet follow the same atonal rhythms that his music displays. With almost 100 new pieces including works on wood, pencil drawings, renderings, and patterns, Jacobs modestly asks that viewer just consider his works for a brief moment. “Beauty is a rare thing” says the artist, he hopes one will be inspired to make things after viewing the show. “Just a glance” he requests, “a look into it – if you can.”

Coinciding with this new exhibition will be a small “Move” group show, curated by Rich Jacobs. Featuring one piece each by artists: Sandy Yang, Aya Muto, Jeff Canham, Amanda Marsalis, James Gallagher, Billy Sprague, Orion Shepherd , Kelly Nicholson, Jordin Isip, Simone Shubuck, Erika Barboa, Clint Woodside, Tim Kerr, and possibly more. Each artist has been selected by Jacobs to show the influences and sometimes inspirations for his abstract works. As one approaches the gallery entrance -the viewer will instantly be asked a lot to visually consider. is it a large group show or the work of one artist? there seems to be groups of work that seem informed by one another but only somewhat loosely…there is a line that ties them together-what is it? It my just be the line, the energy, the color….wow the palette has changed some over the years too…a little brighter and hopeful this time. We invite you to “Look into it – if you know how.”




“2 of Amerikas Most Wanted”

new works by
Neck Face and FUCK THIS LIFE

September 18 – October 14, 2011
Opening Reception Sunday September 18, 7-10pm

Join us at our new location!
New Image Art
7920 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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New Image Art is proud to announce the coming together of artist Neck Face and New York based “FUCK THIS LIFE”. This union is a recipe for disaster of the most curiously illuminating kind, collaboratively commentating on the harsh and the veiled, the outlawed and the unthinkable.

Neck Face recently exhibited alongside those considered most influential in American street art culture in MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition. The event reintroduced the performer in Neck Face, whose portrayal of a down and out alley dweller brought him the first mention in the New York Times review of the graffiti and street art retrospective. His Halloween show openings have become notable charades celebrating the lurid and the ghastly complete with a haunted house entrance staged along with his family. Neck Face’s aptitude for multi-media has also been seen in the production of metal masks, paper-maché sculptures and film. For this unique character and international figure of street culture, the true triumph lies in the pure harmony between his examination of the villain, the rogue and the nightmare and his unfaltering wit and fresh approach. This time in Amerika’s 2 Most Wanted, Neck Face’s unmistakable illustrative style is maintained in the expansion of his medium to charcoal drawings. Also exhibiting his brilliantly colored guache and ink paintings, these works begin their development with scrawls on napkins with a bar maid’s breast-pocket pen – parody’s of his own tailoring, drawn from cartoons to current events of all denominations.

FUCK THIS LIFE has participated in The New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 with his well-known street culture ‘zine.

Several published anthologies deep – FUCK THIS LIFE also has a haphazard initiation of his own process – collecting discarded remains of newspapers (and other less savory publications) off the ground and scouring them for applicable images. The ensuing collages reveal themes of fate, tragedy, brutality and the human condition. In spite of the staggering trauma, main-stream hypocrisy and sensationalism represented in FUCK THIS LIFE’s socially analytical work, there is a stillness and commanding refinement to its assembly. New Image Art is honored to exhibit these full color original images for the first time.

A coalescence of eerie irony and macabre humor underpin this duo’s social interpretation.

New Image Art Gallery
Since 1994, New Image Art has been the most influential gallery contributing to the underground art movement on the West Coast. Founder and director, Marsea Goldberg, has been responsible for launching and fostering many of the most recognizable and sought-after artists in the contemporary and street art genres, including: Bäst, Cleon Peterson, Clare Rojas, Date Farmers, Ed Templeton, Jo Jackson, Neck Face, Osgemeos, and Retna. New Image Art continues to push boundaries and grow its roster of both established and rising talent.
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Literally translating to “household of three” New Image Art’s latest exhibition “Ménage à trois” showcases the works of Steve Olson, Susanne Melanie Berry, and CR Stecyk III; three long-time comrades showing large-scale works, photographs and posters. Via underlying sexual innuendos this new show traverses the phenomenon of how the socio-cultural aspects of sex both influences and is derived from social norms, including the effects of political process and the mass media.

Olson’s bold imagery, layered textures, and deconstructed materials lend a playful dynamic between art and language while simultaneously critiquing contemporary society and our relationship with it. These processes are also reflected in CR Stecyk’s showcard ad-style images which he typically installs on random telephone poles and abandoned buildings. Susanne Melanie Berry presents a delicate photo series of women’s under garments as still-life’s. Using a Polaroid Land Camera and pull apart film, she creates one-off photographic documents that reveal the workings of an intimate relationship between the undergarments owner and the viewer as participating voyeur.