Stacy Peralta’s film, Bones Brigade : An Autobiography will have it’s West Coast premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on the evening of Thursday, February, 2nd at 8:00pm and you have a chance to go! Here’s how it works. Name the skateboarder in the photo and caption the photo in the comments section and you’re officially entered to win two tickets! HINT: HE’S IN THE NEW ISSUE OF JUICE MAGAZINE!


photo: Dan Levy

TWO winners will receive two tickets to the premiere. However, you are responsible for being in Santa Barbara on February 2nd in order to claim your prize.

Tommy Guerrero, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Stacy Peralta and George Powell have all confirmed their attendance. A Q & A will follow the film.




Stacy Peralta’s film, Bones Brigade : An Autobiography will have it’s West Coast premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on the evening of Thursday, February, 2nd at 8:00pm. The red carpet starts at 7:00pm.

Tommy Guerrero, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Stacy Peralta and George Powell have all confirmed their attendance. A Q & A will follow the film. Unfortunately, Tony Hawk will be out of the country and will not be able to attend.

Following info provided by the Film Festival. The film will be screened in the 2000-seat Arlington Theatre. Admission is sold only through the Santa Barbara International Film Festival via passes or Mini-Paks (10-pack for $125 and $57 for the 4-pack). The 4-pack Mini-Pak acts as a punch card where four people can see one film, one person can see four, or any combination thereof. As per the Festival’s longstanding policy, THERE WILL BE NO INDIVIDUAL MOVIE TICKETS SOLD. All seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please direct any inquiries to

Santa Barbara International Film Festival
1528 Chapala Street, Suite 203
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
phone: 805-963-0023


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OCTOBER 22, 2011

For the 20 year anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog game from Sega, ASA entertainment teamed up with the makers of Sonic and Sega to put on a vert contest in Venice Beach, CA. The concept was to bring together skateboarders from three different age ranges to compete in Sonic Generations of Skate.


First Place: Tony Hawk (first generation), Andy Macdonald (second generation), Mitchie Brusco (third generation)

Second Place: Kevin Staab (first generation), Sandro Dias (second generation), Paul-Luc Ronchetti (third generation)

Third Place: Steve Caballero (first generation), Pierre Luc Gagnon (second generation), Elliot Sloan (third generation)

Fourth Place: Sergie Ventura (first generation), Lincoln Ueda (second generation), Adam Taylor (third generation)

The disciplines by which the teams would be judged included High Air, Best Trick, Individual, and Doubles.  The doubles ended up turning into triples a few times and it was epic.

There were a ton of highlights throughout the day including Sandro Dias landing the first 900 in Venice Beach History.  It was a bit surreal to see this level of skateboarding just paces away from where skateboarding cut its teeth on the unforgiving proving grounds of the now defunct concrete stage known simply as The Pit.

Speaking only in terms of skateboarding, the historical merit was undeniable, and as far as disciplines go this group of skaters are the top elite of modern-day vert skating. While the vert session was going off, the session in the pool at the Venice Skatepark adjacent was heated as well.

This was not a contest with a huge prize purse, yet it didn’t stop the skaters from pushing their own limits. Mitchie Brusco landed his first ever kickflip varial 540 during the best trick contest and everyone went nuts. Elliot Sloan added to the madness with a 720 tailgrab.  Sergie Ventura threw up a 50/50 body varial to switch 50/50 to fakie.  Tony Hawk pleased the crowd with his signature ollie 540 and a kickflip McTwist.  During the doubles/triples section Mitchie, Tony and Andy went for synchronized 720’s and almost pulled it.

It was another great day in Venice Beach skateboarding history. It’s kind of crazy to think that Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega is 20 years old and is still as exciting to kids today as it was for us kids 20 years ago. Props to ASA and Sega for throwing a great event. For more information on Sonic Generations of Skate visit


1. Chris Miller
2. Steve Caballero
3. Lance Mountain
4. Tony Hawk
5. Eric Nash

1. Pedro Barros
2. Rune Glifberg
3. Andy Macdonald
4. Nolan Munroe
5. Alex Perelson

If you missed the action you can find complete event coverage at Also, visit for tons of video highlights as well as heats on demand, which will be available for Masters and Pros finals.


Ultimate Boarder 2011 Flyer

Legends, pros and young riders will all compete for a $60,000 prize purse

Santa Barbara, California (March 18, 2011) – The Ultimate Boarder® Championship announced the official athlete roster today.
The 4th annual week-long event takes place starting April 2nd at Mammoth Mountain and then moves to Seaside Reef, California from April 4 through April 9, 2011. Now in its fourth year, the Ultimate Boarder® Championship is the only triathlon on the planet that brings together the world’s best surfers, skaters and snowboarders for a grueling one-week series.

This is the first year the event has partnered with Mammoth Mountain and the first time in the history of California State Parks there has ever been a skate contest at Seaside Reef and at a California state park.

The unique, spectator and family friendly event will bring together legends of the sport with young up and comers, rookies and professional athletes who will compete in all three sports over a grueling week for a $30,000 first place cash prize.  There will also be a team division, and a youth division for kids 15 and under.

“The event shows the history of boardsports and it also shows the future and ties it all together better than any other contest around,” said Nat Young, five-time World Champ Surfer and author of The History of Surfing.

“This is the most talented group of riders we have ever had,” said event founder Tim Hoover. “Anyone can take this year’s prize and I am so excited that we are having a live webcast because now anyone can follow the action during each stage right at their computer.”

The event is free and open to the public and there will be a live webcast starting April 2, 2011 from Mammoth Mountain at

For the most up to date rider list, please visit:

Two time champion Chad Shetler (Dana Point, CA), defending champion Mike Morrissey (Laguna Beach, CA) & inaugural event champion Aaron Astorga (Carlsbad, CA) all will be returning against event veterans Todd Richards (Encinitas, CA); Kristian Philipp (Auckland, NZ); Dave Downing (Encinitas, CA); Cheyne Magnusson (Oceanside, CA); Eric McHenry (Cardiff, CA); Christian Fletcher (San Clemente, CA); Omar Hassan (Newport Beach, CA); Brian Richardson (San Diego, CA); Adam Taylor (Encinitas, CA); Shayne Pospisil (Manasquan, NJ); Trevor Jacob (Mammoth Lakes, CA) Bryce Young (Angourie, AUS); Jonathan Warren (W. Palm Beach, FL); Kyle Knox (Imperial Beach, CA) & Tosh Townend (Huntington Beach, CA) with a solid crop of new comers Chas Guldemond (Reno, NV); Josh Borden (Orange, CA); Zach Miller (Del Mar, CA); Eddie Wall (Carlsbad, CA); Pat Millin (Solana Beach, CA); Greyson Fletcher (San Clemente, CA); Curtis Ciszek (Bend, OR); Scott Blum (Newbury Park, CA) & Kalani David (North Shore, Oahu)

NOTABLE TEAMS competing include: Hurley, LOST, Billabong, Val Surf and Sector 9 with standout athletes like Rob Machado, Curren Caples, Mason Aguirre, Wade Goodall, Connor Coffin, Austin Smith, Pat Duffy, and Steve Caballero.

Snowboarding – Mammoth Mountain, CA (April 2, 2011)
Surfing – Seaside Reef, Cardiff, CA (*April 4-7, 2011) (*waiting period, one-day event)
Skateboarding & Awards – Seaside Reef Parking Lot, Cardiff, CA (April 9, 2011)

LIVEWEBCAST HOSTS (webcast at starting April 2nd):
Skate Announcer:  SERGIE VENTURA

About Ultimate Boarder
Ultimate Boarder® is a one-week competition to find the athlete who can conquer the art of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Ultimate Boarder® was created in response to the growing popularity of these sports, and as a way to promote healthy athletic lifestyles among young athletes in a positive and competitive environment that grooms role models and heroes for our country’s next generation. The event benefits Free Wheelchair Mission, a non-profit that transforms lives through the gift of mobility.

Visit the Ultimate Boarder® Facebook fan page at UBFanPage and follow us on Twitter @UltimateBoarder. For event details, please visit


Stronghold Society’s Walt Pourier & Wounded Knee Skateboards, Jim “Murf” Murphy (ALVA team skate legend) are gonna setup to inspire @LNI… Lakota Nations Invitational, December 15th-17th…. gonna rock with hundreds of Native Youth with the South Dakota Gear UP program, Stacy Phelps and crew you rock!! Thanks for allowing us to inspire and instill hope through the Live Life Call To Actions Campaigns we are creating! Introductions to the plan of action @ LNI… It’s all about this generations youth movements! Its ON!

A CALLING – The stronghold is a place where a community regroups, a place to stand your ground and together face all of lifes challenges… to ride out the coming storm. Lakotas have a word, “SKAN” interpreted as “something that moves”. Spiritual vitality, the force of life itself, something each of us and all of life possess within. It is believed the black birds fly to warn of the approaching storm, of hard times to come… but it is not to create fear, its is to build compassion, togetherness and hope amongst the people, for once the storm passes, we get renewal… a clearer view from within, this is our Stronghold Society call to action.

Vision of the StrongHold Society – A Live Life Call to Action

A.  To inspire confidence and well-being within youth through the means of the arts and creative movements of today for the charitable and educational purpose of benefiting youth of all ages and races;

B.  To encourage Native American youth to find hope and ambition to live a healthy life in mind, body and spirit;

C.  To create and sustain an art resource studio and skateboarding park on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD to provide Native youth an outlet for their creativity through resources collected and/or developed by Stronghold Society.

Alot of plans on the move for 2011 and beyond… Multiple Poster Campaigns, Wounded Knee 4-Directions Skatepark planning and Skate Events to support, support of the Kimimila Gathering “Age of the Daughters”, Projects with the Nakota Dogs Movement, new support product from SKAN life. movement… etc.
Big year ahead…. appreciate all your support, because of you… we can do the things we do, for others.

Check out  Lakota Nations Invitational at

PUNK: Attitude

Starring: Jello Biafra, Chryssie Hynde, Jim Jarmusch, David Johansen, Mick Jones, Wayne Kramer, Glen Matlock,Legs McNeil, Thurston Moore, Tommy Ramone, Henry Rollins, Captain Sensible, Paul  Simonon, Siouxsie Sioux.

Don Letts’ Out of Print Landmark Punk Documentary
To Be Reissued On DVD
January 11, 2011 via Shout! Factory

The 2-Disc Set Features Two Hours of Bonus Materials

Los Angeles, CA – In the mid-1970s, a revolution was ignited on the streets of New York and London. Almost overnight, punk shattered the status quo and continued to impact all future generations of youth culture. On January 11, 2010, Shout! Factory will release the long out-of-print documentary PUNK: Attitude.

Directed by Don Letts, the film and its extensive bonus features, chronicle the origin of punk music and its socio-cultural and musical impact through interviews with key figures such as Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore, Jello Biafra, Chrissie Hynde and more. A must-have for fans of punk music, documentary aficionados and DVD collectors, the two-disc set of PUNK: Attitude is priced for everyone to own at $19.93.

With a cast of historic and modern figures in popular culture, the documentary ventures beyond the hype and explores the way punk music redefined popular music and fashion while legitimizing an independent, do-it-yourself attitude that inspired an entire generation of musicians, filmmakers, poets, photographers, fashion designers and graphic artists.

“With hindsight we are able to recognize it as part of an ongoing movement of counterculture,” says filmmaker Don Letts adding, “It is in that spirit that I made this film, not as a nostalgic look back, but rather a way to move forward. After all, if it happened before, it can happen again.”

PUNK: Attitude was officially released April 25, 2005 at the Tribeca Film Festival and later aired to critical acclaim on IFC. The DVD-set has long been out of print.
•    Where Are They Now?
•    Artist Bios
•    Punk Family Tree

•    Henry Rollins Interview
•    Dave Goodman Feature
•    California Screamin’ “Behind The Masque”
•    Fanzines
•    Fashion
•    Women In Punk
•    Record Companies
•    U.K. Vs. The U.S.
•    The Attitude/Spirit Of Punk
•    Punk On Culture And The Arts
•    Punk Evolution
•    The Gigs/Performance
•    The Punk Sound
•    U.S. Post Punk Documentary
•    L.A. Punk (Short Film By Dick Rude


Stacy, Rodney, CAB, Tony, MIke, Lance and Tommy will be working on a Bones Brigade Documentary starting in February 2011.

On Monday, November 29th at Los Angeles International Airport, seven individuals that have had an extreme influence on skateboarding sat down to discuss work on a documentary of their experience. They met at the Encounter restaurant in the middle of the airport to begin work on this monumental film.

Stacy wrote, “Those skaters known as the Bones Brigade are now old enough to take a look back.  At a time in the 80’s when many people were mourning the second death of skateboarding, the Bones Brigade through passion, drive, creativity and a surprising sense of teamwork redefined the sport for their time and the future”.

Documentary filmmaker, Stacy Peralta in a new film with Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Rodney Mullen, Tommy Guerrero and others will investigate the history, the team and the men to determine what is the legacy of the Bones Brigade. “Five years ago the guys got together and told me they wanted to do this. They believed they had a significant story others would want to know about.  So now we’re going to see.”

Simultaneously, a Powell-Peralta coffee table book is in the works. It will include the Bones Brigade, but also other things you knew and didn’t know about Powell-Peralta.


The Billabong X Bob Marley Collection

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 November, 2010 : – – Hossegor — Billabong is proud to announce The Billabong x Bob Marley Collection, a collaboration with the House of Marley. Why did we collaborate with the House of Marley? Because we believe in Bob Marley’s vision of “one world, one love.”

Bob Marley is a musical prophet, whose words and vision forever changed the world. His image evokes a rich legacy and emotional connection that transcend generation, ethnicity, gender and geopgraphy. His voice touches, inpsires and moves. He is a phenomenon merging myth, man, musical genius, social awareness, and cultural relevance into a way of life embraced universally.

Billabong is committed to the development of earth-friendly, innovative products that adhere to the Marley family’s core values: Equality, authenticity, and sustainability. Or as Bob might put it: “Make way for the positive day.”

Consisting of boardshorts, tee shirts, tank tops, and selected accessories, the line reflects the energy, passion and fun that infused Marley’s life. The Billabong x Bob Marley Collection is using premium recycled and organic materials : organic cotton, PET

“I love it! The collection is cool and conscious,” said Ziggy Marley, when asked about his feeling on the environmental sensitivity Billabong has taken care to use in The Billabong x Bob Marley Collection.

“Working with the Marley family to interpret their vision of their father on to our garments has been inspiring,” notes Billabong US Design Director Rob McCarty. “Cedella and Ziggy have provided great insight to make this collaboration a success.”

The Billabong x Bob Marley Collection will be available by mid December in selected specialty stores and Billabong Stores accross Europe.


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