ACE of the DIRTY FILTHY MUGS interview by Vanessa Davey

NAME: Ace Facial.
BAND NAME: Dirty Filthy Mugs.
LABEL: DC Jam Records
BAND MEMBERS NAMES: Matt Wedgley, Timbecile Lang, Joey Travers, Conk and Ace Facial.
HOMEBASE: Los Angeles, California

The most pressing issue in the music industry is…
a) The corruption of the record labels
b) Lack of talent in the top 40
c) Under appreciation of music in schools
d) How much MTV sucks
e) Other ____________________

ANSWER: e. Bearded freaks in  earth tones singing about picnics.

When looking for a date I most want …
a) Sense of Humor
b) Loose Morals
c) IQ
d) Heart Beat
e) Other ____________________

ANSWER: e. A woman who really knows how to use a vibrating egg.

Before I was in a band I was …
a) broke
b) a virgin
c) a menace to society
d) Other ________________

ANSWER: D. All the above is unfortunately the most fitting answer.

The human race will …
a) destroy itself.
b) evolve like the Jetsons
c) make great pets for aliens
d) be sponsored by Nike, McDonalds and AT&T
e) Other

ANSWER : D. But don’t leave out Lucky 13 Clothing and Draven Shoes!

If I ruled the world for a day I would…
Spend the day fucking with France… Pranks and stuff, you know.

My Mom wanted me to become a ….
Figure skater.

The worst band in history is …
Blood On The Saddle.

The best band of all time …
Beatles. Yeah, I said it!

When alone, I pass time by….
Having my way with Conk’s sleeping bag.

The best band I’ve heard lately is …

Describe your music in 5 words or less:
Pogues and AC/DC are go!

Why did you choose to play the type of music you do?
Because I was trying to be like my biggest influences.

Who are your biggest influences?
The Who, AC/DC, The Pogues, The Clash, Madness…

What do you consider a successful year? Do you think you’ve had one?
Musically, I think making a great record and playing a lot of fun shows would make a successful year. Maybe this year?

How many days out of the year does your band play live?
About 60-80.

Best thing about doing what you do?
Playing shows with friends is, by far, the best part. It’s a guys’ night out, ten fold.

The nastiest thing I’ve ever seen on a tour bus is …
Conk having his way with my sleeping bag.

Describe your odor after a show.
Kinda like the rotting corpse of a Frenchman getting a perm in the sewer run off of a slaughter-house… I’ve been told.

Plug your upcoming shows.
April 22nd at The Warehouse in Chino, May 28th at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas to name a few. We have our shows listed on our Facebook page, for those who really want to know.

What do you plan on adding to the music scene?
We’re bringing back sexy. And Timbecile is single-handedly making the concertina a ‘must have’ for all rock bands this summer.

What would it say on the front of your own personal “soapbox”?
Dogs are better than cats! Who ever heard of a seeing eye cat?

Words of Wisdom :
If you truly want to destroy an enemy, make him your friend. I paraphrased that from Abe Lincoln. Financial tip: Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.

Many Thanks to DC-Jam Records for hooking us up with the Dirty Filthy Mugs. That’s not all they did.  Click here or the banner below to listen and download a sampler courtesy of DC-Jam featuring; JFA, East Bay Ray & The Killer Smiles, The Dwarves, Machine 22, The Rudy Schwartz Project, Fishbone, The Dirty Filthy Mugs, Downtown Brown, Aggression, Frontside Five and the Generators.



The Basic Bowl is a clover shaped bowl located in Huntington Beach, Ca. The bowl itself was built over 18 Yrs ago and has since been the host of many pro and am pool skating contests. For 15 Years, hundreds of participants gather in this backyard style setting to take part in this one of a kind skateboarding event. Competitors, Spectators and guests enjoy Live Music, Barbeque, Gifts and lots of other free stuff. Come down and watch the warriors BATTLE it out for Money and Prizes in this ALL POOLSIDE event!











Five Rip Curl Searchers chase mesmerizing waves on the Seven Ghosts tidal bore, deep in the heart of the Indonesian Jungle.

On March 20, 2011, Rip Curl International team riders Bruno Santos (BRA), Dean Brady (AUS), Tyler Larronde (FRA), Oney Anwar (IND) and original Searcher Tom Curren (USA) followed the latest Tip2Tip odyssey deep into the heart of Indonesia to be part of a ground breaking mission to the freshly discovered, flawless waves of a remote river known by the nearby village as the Seven Ghosts River. Equipped with Panasonic LUMIX G cameras, a team of world-renowned surf photographers and filmers were in tow to capture this once in a lifetime event, which Curren describes as “the most amazing Search trip in 20 years…”

What ensued was a surf session like never before…


We did a mini “Get to Know” with Vernon Courtland Johnson, creator of some of the most popular and coveted graphics from Powell-Peralta and skateboarding in general. If you’re lost, then just look at the pictures. Classic doesn’t even describe them. Forged in our memories forever, we can now see these icons transcend the generations as we get ready for a new revolution of rippers. Stay tuned for updates from the Bones Brigade Chronicles.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

How important is art to you?
-“Art is a game worth playing. It keeps me inspired. Life seems flat, nondescript without it.”

What makes deck graphics different from other artwork?
-“Commercial art aims to inspire others. Personal art aims to inspire myself.”

What was your favorite graphic?
-“I have no favorites, I like inspired work.”

What’s it like seeing your images assent to the ranks of cultural icons?
-“Most icons will breed when dropped on the floor of investigation and truth. Drop mine and see.”

Why do you think people connected with your art like they did?
-“Mystic symbols, well crafted and marketed.”

What’s the best thing about working with Powell-Peralta?
-“Generating new ideas and sharing my process with other artists.”


Ultimate Boarder 2011 Flyer

Legends, pros and young riders will all compete for a $60,000 prize purse

Santa Barbara, California (March 18, 2011) – The Ultimate Boarder® Championship announced the official athlete roster today.
The 4th annual week-long event takes place starting April 2nd at Mammoth Mountain and then moves to Seaside Reef, California from April 4 through April 9, 2011. Now in its fourth year, the Ultimate Boarder® Championship is the only triathlon on the planet that brings together the world’s best surfers, skaters and snowboarders for a grueling one-week series.

This is the first year the event has partnered with Mammoth Mountain and the first time in the history of California State Parks there has ever been a skate contest at Seaside Reef and at a California state park.

The unique, spectator and family friendly event will bring together legends of the sport with young up and comers, rookies and professional athletes who will compete in all three sports over a grueling week for a $30,000 first place cash prize.  There will also be a team division, and a youth division for kids 15 and under.

“The event shows the history of boardsports and it also shows the future and ties it all together better than any other contest around,” said Nat Young, five-time World Champ Surfer and author of The History of Surfing.

“This is the most talented group of riders we have ever had,” said event founder Tim Hoover. “Anyone can take this year’s prize and I am so excited that we are having a live webcast because now anyone can follow the action during each stage right at their computer.”

The event is free and open to the public and there will be a live webcast starting April 2, 2011 from Mammoth Mountain at

For the most up to date rider list, please visit:

Two time champion Chad Shetler (Dana Point, CA), defending champion Mike Morrissey (Laguna Beach, CA) & inaugural event champion Aaron Astorga (Carlsbad, CA) all will be returning against event veterans Todd Richards (Encinitas, CA); Kristian Philipp (Auckland, NZ); Dave Downing (Encinitas, CA); Cheyne Magnusson (Oceanside, CA); Eric McHenry (Cardiff, CA); Christian Fletcher (San Clemente, CA); Omar Hassan (Newport Beach, CA); Brian Richardson (San Diego, CA); Adam Taylor (Encinitas, CA); Shayne Pospisil (Manasquan, NJ); Trevor Jacob (Mammoth Lakes, CA) Bryce Young (Angourie, AUS); Jonathan Warren (W. Palm Beach, FL); Kyle Knox (Imperial Beach, CA) & Tosh Townend (Huntington Beach, CA) with a solid crop of new comers Chas Guldemond (Reno, NV); Josh Borden (Orange, CA); Zach Miller (Del Mar, CA); Eddie Wall (Carlsbad, CA); Pat Millin (Solana Beach, CA); Greyson Fletcher (San Clemente, CA); Curtis Ciszek (Bend, OR); Scott Blum (Newbury Park, CA) & Kalani David (North Shore, Oahu)

NOTABLE TEAMS competing include: Hurley, LOST, Billabong, Val Surf and Sector 9 with standout athletes like Rob Machado, Curren Caples, Mason Aguirre, Wade Goodall, Connor Coffin, Austin Smith, Pat Duffy, and Steve Caballero.

Snowboarding – Mammoth Mountain, CA (April 2, 2011)
Surfing – Seaside Reef, Cardiff, CA (*April 4-7, 2011) (*waiting period, one-day event)
Skateboarding & Awards – Seaside Reef Parking Lot, Cardiff, CA (April 9, 2011)

LIVEWEBCAST HOSTS (webcast at starting April 2nd):
Skate Announcer:  SERGIE VENTURA

About Ultimate Boarder
Ultimate Boarder® is a one-week competition to find the athlete who can conquer the art of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Ultimate Boarder® was created in response to the growing popularity of these sports, and as a way to promote healthy athletic lifestyles among young athletes in a positive and competitive environment that grooms role models and heroes for our country’s next generation. The event benefits Free Wheelchair Mission, a non-profit that transforms lives through the gift of mobility.

Visit the Ultimate Boarder® Facebook fan page at UBFanPage and follow us on Twitter @UltimateBoarder. For event details, please visit